T-Shirts Into Giant Knitted Rug

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Repurposed T-Shirt Knitted Rug


“They” say that you are supposed to go through and clean out your closet at the start of every season. That is going to be perfect for making a T-shirt rug. This is going to give you the chance to make something new for the house and to get a little extra life out of your old shirts. I am in the middle of my closet purge and I have lots of T-shirts that I can repurpose into a cool craft. I found this idea for knitting shirts and it is great. The hardest part is going to be letting go of my well loved, favorite tees. They will be in a better place!

Follow the link for instructions…

InterestingForMe – DIY T-Shirt Rug

Image Credit: interestingfor.me


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