The Interior Of This Eco-Friendly Tiny Home Is Worth A Look!

The tiny home movement is growing strong, and why not? Today people are tired of being overloaded with technology, material things, work etc.

What can be more appealing than Mother Nature? Imagine zero distractions and a world of peace and quiet. Imagine a home you can feel comfortable in but also easily afford.

The amount of stress one could melt away is unbelievable. Not only are many tiny homes extremely affordable, many of them are even mobile! Think about how easy it would be to go on a road trip – you wouldn’t have to pack anything!

This tiny home on wheels by Wohnwagon is amazing and not to be overlooked. It is even made from all recycled materials! Check out the images below to learn more…

Beautiful tiny home made from all natural and recycled materials:

zum Wohnwagon

Impeccably decorated with soft colors and fabrics:

zum Wohnwagon

This home even sports a green eco roof and solar panels:

zum Wohnwagon

The roof panels generate energy and it is stored in batteries – and natural light washes throughout the interior from glazed windows:

zum Wohnwagon

Large comfortable bed with pullout table and several storage areas:

zum Wohnwagon

Pullouts to accompany more seating and sleeping areas:

zum Wohnwagon

The mosaic design in the bathroom is breath-taking:

zum Wohnwagon

Tasteful lighting and windows to make the most of natural light:

zum Wohnwagon

Clay plaster and sheep wool locally sourced make up the insulation to this profound home:

zum Wohnwagon

Even the smallest of details can make a big impact:

zum Wohnwagon

Wohnwagon designs and creates customized homes:

zum Wohnwagon