These Broken Pot ‘Fairy Gardens’ Are The Perfect Touch Of Whimsy

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Fairy Garden


Do you believe in fairies? I hope so! Everyone needs some magic and fantasy in their life. I fall more in love with each whimsical fairy garden that I see. They are so precious. They make me feel like a little kid and take me back to when anything was possible. Wimp has gathered up a fabulous roundup of beautiful little gardens. If you are thinking about making a garden for the yard fairies…you really should! Pick one of these!

I really like number 8! The birdhouses and adorable birds are just that…adorable. Number 9 has a cute birdhouse too. Number 18 does too. I guess I’m just on a birdhouse kick these days. Which is your favorite? All of them?

In love with birdhouses like me? Here are some DIYs that you are going to love! The birdhouse/planters? Yes please! I mean, come on cuteness!

Check out all 18 magical gardens here…

Wimp: 18 Awe-Inspiring ‘Fairy Gardens’ (photos)