Tour Inside This Stunning Home Made From Two Shipping Containers

This home located in Quebec, Canada was built out of two shipping containers and is called the La Maison Conteneur, Or “The Container Home”. This home may be perceived as tiny since it was built out of shipping containers, but those containers are very large. The shipping container home has an impressive 2000 square feet! Not bad for a home made out of shipping containers.

This house rose to fame as one of the very first shipping container homes, a growing trend in the tiny home industry. Containers are sturdy, leakproof, and weather resistant so they make great houses. Just a little work and your home is good to go!

The home has two bedrooms and several half bathrooms, with a bathtub located in the master bedroom. There is also an outdoor shower, so even though the home does not have a full bath it does have everything you need.

I am loving these shipping container homes. They are creative uses of the space provided!

This home in Quebec was made from two large shipping containers.

shipping container home 1

When you walk in, you are greeted by a lovely living room.

shipping container home livingarea

And right around the corner is a full size kitchen with stainless steel appliances!

shipping container home kitchen

There is even room for a dining table! You can see the lines from the shipping container on the walls.

shipping container home dining room

The home has a half bathroom with a toilet and sink located on the main floor. Not bad for a shipping container home!

shipping container home half-bathroom

But the stairs are one of the most impressive features of this home!

shipping container home stairs shipping container home stairs 2

Down from the main floor there is an office and a TV area.

shipping container home basement 2 shipping container home basement 1

The upstairs bedroom looks super cozy and spacious.

shipping container home bedroom

It features a half bath and a bathtub with an awesome view!

shipping container home tub

There is also another smaller bedroom and bathroom right around the corner.

shipping container home bathroom 2

There is also an outdoor shower right outside the master bedroom.

shipping container home outdoor shower

It is amazing to see shipping containers turned into a home. Let’s admire this masterpiece one last time!

shipping container home tiny home 2

photo credit: collectionsdubreuil

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What do you think of this home? Would you live here if you had the chance? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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