Wine Glass Candle Lamps

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diy wine glass candle lamps

Take a look at these wonderful wine glass candle lamps! These would make an absolutely fantastic wedding decor item that is both cheap and easy to make but looks stunning.

You could use these around the home too. I found the tutorial on how to make these along with printables for the lamp shade. Head over to the Save On Crafts blog for all the details…

Save On Crafts – DIY Wine Glass Lamps

Image Credit: facebook via Cool Products & Ideas


  1. Very cute idea I have tried it but their are so many different shapes of wine glasses , what is the best one for this craft?

  2. I made a lot of these a few years ago and sold every single one. I found that the ones like they show in the pix are best, narrow top and not a big “goblet” on them. I found most of mine at Goodwill’s, etc. A lot were even tinted different colors which are great! Tip: When I lit mine I put some water in the glass “just in case” it should get tipped over…or use a little sand.

  3. Good day
    Please send me all of your things that we can do its really nice and wants to make it

  4. I want to make the wine glass shade.And i can not fine the shade no where.please help me. help

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