You Can Own Your Own Tiny Home for Under $1,000

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Tiny homes are a hot trend right now. Many people are realizing that they can save money and live a simple life by downgrading the size of their home and moving into something small.

If you have ever wanted to jump on the tiny home craze, you might finally be able to. Archedcabins is a company located in Cypress, Texas. They build quality cabins that can be used as man caves, play houses, and even tiny homes! The cabins are strong and can protect you from harsh weather. They can also be insulated and be installed with plumbing, appliances, and custom interiors.

The best part about these arched cabins is that they are cheap. You can get your own tiny home for under $1000! The company will even deliver and assemble it for you. The cabins arrive with no interior or insulation, but you can easily do it yourself or have it done professionally for an additional fee. You get to design your own tiny home!

Even if you are not going to buy one, you can still appreciate their beauty! People have created very beautiful homes with these cabins. Take a look!

1. These homes are called arched cabins. They are the perfect tiny home for under $1000.

tiny home for under $1000 arched cabin

2. The company that manufactures them have a variety of different sizes for sale. The 8 x 8 model is only $960.

If you need a lot of space, there is a 24 x 40 model for sale!

tiny home for under $1000 2

3. When you order your arched cabin, they will deliver it and build it for you!

tiny home for under $1000 3 tiny home for under $1000 deliver

4. And when they are built, they are absolutely stunning.

tiny home for under $1000 4 tiny home for under $1000 5

5. With these cabins, the possibilities are endless.

They can be used as a man cave, a play house, a hunting cabin, and even your own tiny home!

tiny home for under $1000 6 tiny home for under $1000 7

5. Just imagine living in one of these homes.

tiny home for under $1000 interior tiny home for under $1000 interior 2 interior-3

6. This interior can be included with your purchase for an additional fee.

With this beautifully decorated home, I would definitely include it!

tiny home for under $1000 interior 5 tiny home for under $1000 interior 6 tiny home for under $1000 interior 7

7. You can fit a full kitchen in the cabin.

tiny home for under $1000 kitchen 2 tiny home for under $1000 kitchen

8. As well as a cozy bedroom!

tiny home for under $1000 bedroom 2 tiny home for under $1000 bedroom

9. There is even room for a bathroom.

tiny home for under $1000 bathroom

10. There is plenty of room for you to design your own interior as well, making arched cabins the perfect tiny homes!

tiny home for under $1000 design tiny home for under $1000 design 2 tiny home for under $1000 design 3



Could you see yourself living in this style of tiny home? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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