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10 Adorable Babies in Hollowed Out Pumpkins

Babies dressing up in adorable costumes is my favorite part about Halloween! The only difference here is that those costumes are hollowed out pumpkins! I never thought something so simple as babies in pumpkins could be so cute.

Recently, moms took to Instagram to post pictures of their young ones in hollowed out pumpkins. This is probably the greatest Instagram trend of all time because these pictures are absolutely adorable. I am so happy I came across this trend. And I am happy that it is going strong this Halloween!

And there is still plenty of time to try this for yourself. Halloween is just a few weeks away, and if you want some adorable fall photos of your baby this is the chance. Imagine having one of these pictures on a fall card for your family! I would love to see any pictures you take! Post them in the comments section if you try it out.

Whether you want to try this for yourself, or you just want to enjoy these adorable pictures of babies in pumpkins, I hope you enjoy this!
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1. These babies enjoy their hollowed out pumpkins.

babies in pumpkins 1

via: instagram


2. See? I told you!

babies in pumpkins 2

via: instagram


3. These make for some great fall photos!

babies in pumpkins 3

via: instagram


4. I definitely want to try this.

babies in pumpkins 4

via: instagram


5. This jack-o-lantern is anything but scary!

babies in pumpkins 5

via: instagram


6. A great way to celebrate their first Halloween.

babies in pumpkins 6

via: instagram


7. A baby in the pumpkin patch!

babies in pumpkins 7

via: instagram


8. Another great fall photo!

babies in pumpkins 8

via: instagram


9. Better get the dog in there too!

babies in pumpkins 9

via: instagram


10. These pictures make Halloween much more adorable.

babies in pumpkins 10

via: instagram


Have you ever attempted carving up a pumpkin like this? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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