10 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects

Here’s 10 great DIY project ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I absolutely love the night stand idea. We were just out shopping for some night stands but this idea could do the trick. Which idea would you love to try?! I also love the DIY art work. Our house is in desperate need of some wall decor too. Enjoy…

1. Stenciled Cornice Board

stenciled cornice board diy

2. Awesome Soap Box Racer

awesome soap box racer

3. Kid’s Room Car Track

kid's room car track


4. Totally Cool Car Table

totally cool car table diy



5. Nursery Name Collage


6.  DIY Patio Furniture

diy patio furniture


7. Simple & Elegant Living Room Painting

simple and elegant wall art diy


8. DIY Metallic Vase

diy metallic vase


9. Google Maps Couples Costume

google maps couples costume


10. Do It Yourself Nightstand

diy night stand


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