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10 Jaw Dropping Exterior Home Makeovers

home remodel

They say that true beauty is what’s on the inside. When it comes to houses however, it’s what’s on the outside that people notice. I live in a simple stucco styled home – boring. But it will take more than paint to transform this dwelling from plain to pretty.

However, let’s examine the extreme home makeovers that take it to the next level. A home so completely transformed that even the neighbors can’t believe it’s not a new house. Look at these before and after photos for they will blow you away. It’s the same house. No joke!

1. Small single’s home stretched into a huge family house. Bellevue, Washington


2. Ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. Decatur, Georgia


3. Post out-dated to postmodern. Seattle, Washington


4. Mud mecca turned into magnificent minimalist. Oakland, California


5. Institutional style spruced into a comfy home.  San Francisco, California


6. I’ll take your Tudor and raise you a Greek splendor. Millbrook, New York


7. Trim the tree and raise the roof. Hinsdale, Massachusetts


8. Rise from lower-class to middle-class. Treasure Island, Florida


9. This is what a $100,000 can do. Fairfax County, Virginia


10. You’re kidding, right? This can’t be the same home, but it is! Yowza! Saint Petersburg, Florida


(Source HuffingtonPost)