10 ways to be happier in your own home

10 Ways To Be Happier In Your Own Home

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10 ways to be happier in your own home

This is a really great post I found over at Apartment Therapy. It describes 10 different ways and things you can do to be happier in your own home. I often find myself day dreaming of an exotic vacation so I can just escape the everyday and mundane routines it’s so easy to get into.

I have even found myself wondering why I wanted to “escape” so badly sometimes… and I immediately think… What if instead of taking a vacation for $3,000… we spent that money improving our home?! It’s important to think of “opportunity costs” when you plan a vacation. In other words… what could you also do with that same amount of money? Could you get a better and higher return on it some other way?

Something to think about! Here’s the link to the 10 ideas…

ApartmentTherapy: 10 Ways To Be Happier At Home

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