13 Closet Hacks You Can Create From Dollar Store Items

If your closet looks like mine, I bet that it could use some organizing. Closets only seem to get smaller and smaller, and I seem to keep needing more and more space. Buying a new apartment is not an option, so the only option is to make use of the space I have. Sadly, closet organization tools can be very expensive. $200 for extra shelves? No thank you.

Thankfully, I have found a solution. The solution is closet hacks using dollar store items. There are so many different ways to organize your closet, but I am going to share the cheap ways so you can save money and live better.

With all of that extra space in your closet, you can buy even more stuff to put in there! Just make sure it doesn’t get to crowded again.

Check out these amazing do it yourself organization closet hacks and see if you want to try any! A better and more organized closet could be yours. Which hack do you think you might want to do?
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1. If you don’t have a light in your closet, get a rope light! These are very cheap.

closet hacks rope light

via: realitydaydream


2. Use S-hooks to store more clothes on a single hanger.

closet hacks s-hook chain

via: instructables


3. Lid racks can store all of your clutches. They are cheap and work great!

closet hacks lid rack for purses

via: fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle


4. Store more necklaces and jewelry by installing cheap wall hooks. They make adhesive ones so no need to nail them in!

closet hacks wall hooks

via: viewalongtheway


5. A shower curtain rod and shower rings can be used to store all of your hats.

closet hacks shower curtain rings

via: passionpinkandpearls


6. Create non-slip hangers by wrapping pipe cleaners around them. Keep your clothes off of the floor!

closet hacks no slip hangers

via: inmyownstyle


7. Double or even triple your closet space by installing brackets.

closet hacks bracket hack

via: livethemma


8. Use s-hooks and baskets to make more room in your closet.

closet hacks s-hooks and baskets

via: diyenergy


9. Use crown molding to store all of your heels along the wall. Cheap and useful!

closet hacks crown molding for heels

via: geniabeme


10. Hang up a chain and hang your earrings off of it!

closet hacks earrings on a chain

via: sugarbeecrafts


11. A tie hanger is not just for ties. You can use them for your tank tops!

closet hacks tie hanger

via: lifedesigncraft


12. Or use shower curtain rings and a single hanger!

closet hacks tank top 2

via: storagegeek


13. Accordion hooks store all of your jewelry without it getting tangled in a box.

closet hacks accordion hooks

via: adorableantics


14. Keep your bag collection looking great and organized with clear dividers.

closet hacks clear dividers

via: polishedhabitat


Do you have any other closet hacks we missed? Please share in the comments below!

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