13 Inspirational DIY Lighting Fixtures

Even when we don’t think about it, lamps are actually a big part of our lives. We would be in the dark and unable to see without them. But they also take up a considerable amount of space. As helpful as our lamps and light fixtures are, sometimes they can ruin the design of our room! We never think about lamps or light fixtures much, but they are something that can really have an effect on how our home can look.

So, changing out an old lamp for a nice stylish one is a great way to brighten up any room in your home, literally! These lamps can be expensive, but a lot of people have had success making DIY light fixtures.

If you want to make a change to your living space, customized DIY light fixtures or lamps are the way to go. We have made this easy! Below is a list of 13 inspirational DIY light fixtures that are sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Give your lamp or light fixture a makeover!
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1. Drum lights

The perfect drum for a music room or any music lover!

DIY light fixtures drum lights

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2. Mason jar lamps

Mason jars are not only great for cooking projects, but they can also make a stylish lamp.

DIY light fixtures mason jar lamps

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3. Hat light fixtures

Old fashioned hats make an impressive, and mysterious light fixture!

DIY light fixtures hat

via: avivas


4. Paint stick lampshade

Who knew that paint sticks can make a wonderful DIY project! You can customize the look by painting the sticks.

DIY light fixtures paint stick lampshade

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5. Trash bin lamp

This lamp is made with an old broom handle and a waste basket. Even trash can make a cool lamp!

DIY light fixtures trash lamp

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6. Pipe floor lamp

Industrial pipes can make a sturdy and unique base for a floor lamp.

DIY light fixtures industrial pipe floor lamp

via: remodelaholic


7. Perfume light fixture

Fancy bottles of perfume can make a stunning DIY light fixture. Who knew!

perfume DIY light fixtures

via: freshdesignpedia


8. PVC pipe lamp

By cutting designs into a PVC pipe, you too can create a beautiful lamp like this one.

DIY light fixtures pvc pipe lamp

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9. Bottle lamp

Old soda bottles and wine bottles can be turned into a beautiful desk lamp. This one is easy and looks great!

DIY light fixtures bottle lamp

via: lanaredstudio


10. Book worm floor lamp

This one is great for all of you book worms out there! This is also the perfect lamp for any reading room.

DIY light fixtures book worm floor lamp

via: homedit


11. Branch floor lamp

Bring some of the outdoors indoors with this beautiful branch floor lamp.

DIY light fixtures branch lamp

via: silvershadow


12. Camera lighting fixture

Absolutely stunning. Show off your love of photography with this DIY lighting fixture. This one can also display images at the top!

camera DIY light fixtures

via: decoist


13. Popsicle desk lamp

Great for any home office. This popsicle desk lamp is creative and will impress everyone!

DIY light fixtures popsicle lamp

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Which of these DIY light fixtures or lamps are you going to try? Have you made anything similar?

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