14 Simple Hacks For Just About Any Clothing Emergency

We have all experienced the sadness of ruining one of our favorite clothing items. Whether it’s spilling wine on your favorite white dress, getting bleach stains on your favorite shirt, or wearing out your favorite yoga pants, ruining clothes is a relate-able experience.

Instead of throwing out old and ruined clothes, there is actually a lot you can do to make clothes new again. There are also several easy things you can do to prevent them from getting ruined in the first place. I am going to show you how to do just that. All by using a few items that are in your house right now.

Some of these fashion hacks to make clothes new again will turn heads and impress your friends. Imagine their expressions when you told them that you did this yourself using a few items at home.

These fashion hacks will help save your best clothes and expand your wardrobe. These hacks can be done with items just found lying around the house or just using your hands and your clothes. There is something here for everyone. Use them and share them with your friends!

1. Use a razor to de-pill your clothes

Are your favorite jeans or yoga pants starting to look scrappy? All you need to do is wash them, run a razor over them, and then get rid of the remaining lint with a lint roller.

make clothes new again pilling pants

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2. Iron your shirt collar with a hair straightener

Is your shirt collar getting wrinkly? Ironing them can be difficult, but just by using a hair straightener you can get an instant beautiful collar.

make clothes new again shirt collar

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3. DIY leather stain removal

Remove stains in leather by first washing your boots with soap and water. Then mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Wipe them down and then rub in some conditioner and waterproof mixture!

make clothes new again leather

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4. Roll up pants when wearing boots

You have been wearing boots and pants wrong this whole time. Instead of tucking them in, roll them up. This prevents them from getting wrinkly and it is much more comfortable!

make clothes new again boots

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5. Moisturize your leather shoes

Skip the pricey leather polish and moisturize your favorite shoes to get a beautiful shine.

make clothes new again moisturize shoes

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6. Cure odor on denim clothes with vodka

Get rid of pesky odor on your denim clothes using one shot of vodka, a few drops of essential oil, and warm water mixed in a spray bottle. Spray your denim and let it sit overnight.

make clothes new again vodka

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7. Turn old t-shirts into new tank-tops

Instead of throwing out those old shirts, cut them up to make a new and unique tank-top.

make clothes new again t shirt tank tops

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8. Get rid of deodorant stains with baby wipes

Remove deodorant stains on your clothes by gently rubbing them with baby wipes. Will save you an extra wash!

make clothes new again baby wipes

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9. Use clear nail polish to prevent buttons from falling off

The next time a button falls off and you re-sew it, put some clear nail polish over the top. This will help keep the button steady!

make clothes new again buttons

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10. Remove lipstick stains with hairspray

Yes, you read that correctly. Dab a little bit of hairspray over the stain, let it sit for a minute or two, then throw it in the wash. Good as new!

make clothes new again lipstick hairspray

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11. Get rid of pit stains with lemon juice

Spray the pits of your shirt with some lemon juice before throwing them in the washer. Helps keep those stains away!

make clothes new again lemon juice

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12. Cover bleach stains with a sharpie

A super easy and mess free way to get rid of bleach stains. Much better than throwing those clothes out, right?

make clothes new again sharpie for bleach stain

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13. Wear tights under ripped jeans

Have some jeans that are ripped a bit to high? Wear tights under them for a fun and new look!

make clothes new again jeans

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14. Remove wine stains with club soda

We have all heard that club soda removes stains, but that is especially true with red wine stains. Put some club soda on a paper towel and lightly dab on the stain. The sooner the better!

make clothes new again wine stains

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What are you excited to try to make clothes new again?

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