15 Amazing Tiny Homes

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Tiny homes are all the rage, there is something about the little compactness of each home that makes everyone want to get one! They can also be very affordable. I love tiny homes. Today I am sharing 15 Amazing Tiny Homes with you! I Hope you enjoy. Let me know your favorite in the comments. Thanks!

1. Tumble Weed Home  tumble weed home

2. Mini Cabin 

mini cabin

3. Modern 800 Square foot tiny home 

modern tiny home

4. Elegant TIny Home on the water 

tiny home on water

5. Huge white egg

egg shaped tiny home  6. Log Cabin tiny home 

log cabin tiny home

7. Tumble Weed House 

tumble weed house

8. Tiny Lake House 

tiny lake house

9. Vacation Cottage 

tiny beach vacation cottage

10. The Neighbor outback 

the neighbor outback tiny home

11. Landway’s West Coast Loft 

landways west coast loft

12. Blue Tiny Home 

blue tiny home

13. Mini-Garage turned Mini Dream home! 

mini garage tiny home conversion

14. The Maxwell Cabin 

maxwell cabin

15. The Zip House 

zip house


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