15 Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks

We may not think about it much, but our closet really does have a significant impact on our lives. It is where we store our clothes and our style. It is something we go in every single day. And we have all been there when we get upset that we cannot find something that we are looking for.

That being said, closet organization is important to keep things from getting lost and helping us find our favorite clothing item. It seems like things get lost in our closet sometimes unable to be found again. Luckily, there is something we can do about it. Just by using a few DIY hacks, we can organize our closets and avoid the headache of losing things. Organizing your closet can also keep clothing looking fresh and even expand the life in some of your clothing items! This makes closet organization essential.

Here are the top 15 DIY ways to organize your closet on a budget. It doesn’t matter where you live, we all use closets. Start doing more to keep your closet clean and organized.

1. Hang Curtain Rods To Keep Gloves and Scarves Neat

Keep your gloves and scarves organized and off of the floor using curtain rods.

closet organization curtain rods

Source: pinterest

2. Use Magazine Holders To Organize Your Flip Flops or Sandals

Use magazine holders to organize your flip flops and sandals. A great way to keep your sandals safe.

closet organization flip flops magazine holder

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3. Get Some ‘S’ Hooks To Hang Purses and Umbrellas

Using ‘S’ hooks to hang purses and umbrellas is a great way to save closet space. It is also nice to keep your purses off of the floor!

closet organization s hooks

Source: simplyspaced


4. Use Pool Noodles To Keep Your Boots In Shape

A cheap DIY project that will expand the life of your boots. By cutting up some old pool noodles you can keep them from wrinkling.

closet organization pool noodle boots

Source: thekrazycouponlady


5. Install Tension Rods For a Great DIY Shoe Rack

A great way to store all of those heels and high top shoes. These shoes can be tricky to store due to their shape, but a tension rod makes it easy!

closet organization shoe rack

Source: aloyallove


6. Use Pant Hangers to Keep Floppy Boots Off the Floor

Pant hangers are not just for pants! Keep those floppy boots off of the floor and from taking up closet space using pant hangers.

closet organization pant boot hanger

Source: toovia


7. Put Hot Glue On Hangers To Keep Clothes From Slipping

Yes, hot glue will keep your clothes from slipping onto the floor. Just dabble some hot glue on some hangers, let it dry (that is the important part) and you have a cheap way to keep clothes in check.

closet organization hot glue

Source: theshabbycreekcottage


8. Use Wine Boxes as a Shoe Rack

Save those old wine boxes for a cheap DIY way to organize shoes. Works great for kids rooms!

closet organization wine boxes

Source: diyncrafts


9. Get Different Color Hangers To Organize Seasonal Clothing

The best way to know what is in season. Use colored hangers for closet organization of your seasonal wardrobe.

closet organization colored hangers

Source: abcorganize


10. Hang Your Scarves Like This

By hanging your scarves like this, you can save closet space and easily find your favorite scarf.

closet organization scarves

Source: unikcat


11. Put Soda Tabs On Hangers to Double Closet Space

Using a soda tab and two hangers, you can double the space in your closet by using one hanger to hold two clothing items.

closet organization hanger soda tab

Source: thekrazycouponlady


12. Use a Tiered Metal Rack For Accessories

Keep your towels, handbags, and any other accessories you may have organized using a tiered metal rack.

closet organization tiered metal rack

Source: diynetwork


13. Fold Your Sweaters Like This

By folding your sweaters instead of just hanging them, you can save closet space, prevent them from falling on the floor, and keep them fold-free!

closet organization sweater fold

Source: thekrazycouponlady


14. Protect Clothing From Dust Using Cloth Napkins

By cutting a small hole into an old cloth napkin, you now have a cheap and easy way to keep your clothes dust-free.

closet organization protect clothing from dust

Source: marthastewart


15. Hang an Old Wine Rack As a Bag Holder

A beautiful way to enhance and organize your closet. Keeps your bags off the floor and looks great!

closet organization wine rack

Source: marthastewart

How do you succeed in closet organization? Any tips we haven’t tried yet?

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