15 Clever DIY PVC Pipe Projects

PVC pipes are a very useful tool in plumbing and HVAC. They are sturdy, affordable, and many builders use them for routine projects.

But they also have other hidden purposes. PVC pipes can make a variety of cool home improvement projects such as a gardening tool holder and a soccer goal for the yard. PVC pipes are cheap and are easy to work with. They can make things like desk lamps and laptop stands. You can make something just as sturdy with PVC pipe projects, and perhaps even more so than with some of the expensive replacements.

This is why PVC pipes are handy to use for DIY projects, they are cheap and you can save a lot of money by making something yourself. Below is a list of 16 do it yourself projects you can make with PVC pipes. These PVC pipe projects are cheap and the real versions you would buy in a store costs a lot more.

PVC pipes can be found at any local hardware store. So get some PVC pipes and start saving money by making one of these PVC pipe projects today!

1. Ball pit

PVC pipes can be turned into a ball pit. It’s the perfect idea for any play room!

PVC pipe projects ball pit

via: cupofautism


2. Flower vase

Spray paint a PVC pipe your favorite color, add a bottom, and use it as a stylish flower vase. You can even paint original designs on it!

PVC pipe projects flower vase

via: ehow


3. Wine rack

Who knew that PVC pipes could be used as a wine rack? I sure didn’t!

PVC pipe projects wine rack

via: marthastewart


4. Utensil organizer

This utensil organizer is the perfect centerpiece for any dining room table.

PVC pipe projects utensil organizer

via: prettyhandygirl


5. Towel rack

Turn some PVC pipes into a handy towel rack. Perfect to have out by the pool!

PVC pipe projects towel rack

via: towelmaid


6. Mirror frame

You can make your own stunning mirror frame out of PVC pipes. Color it to add your own personal style!

PVC pipe projects mirror frames

via: diyhomedecorguide


7. Laptop stand

Laptop stands can be expensive. Make your own with PVC pipe!

PVC pipe projects laptop stand

via: handimania


8. Shoe organizer

Get all of those shoes off of the floor with this DIY shoe rack.

PVC pipe projects shoe organizer

via: macgyverisms


9. Soccer goal

Save $100 on a soccer goal and make your own with PVC pipe!

PVC pipe projects soccer goal

via: simplepracticalbeautiful


10. Counter top organizer

Organize your kitchen and keep all of your utensils in one place with this counter top organizer.

PVC pipe projects countertop organizer



11. Hair tool holder

Put some PVC pipes inside of your cabinet to hold all of your hair tools.

PVC pipe projects hair tool holder

via: storageandglee


12. Or make one for your desktop

This one works just as well. Keep all of your hair tools on the counter with one of these.

PVC pipe projects desktop hair tool holder

via: decoratingyoursmallspace


13. Pipe planter

Make a beautiful pipe planter out of PVC pipe. Plenty of room to get creative!

PVC pipe projects planter

via: coolcreativity


14. Desktop organizer

What better way is there to organize your desk on a budget?

PVC pipe projects desk top organizer

via: realitydaydream


15. Desk lamp

PVC pipes can be used to create a great desk lamp.

pvc pipe lamp

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16. Garden tool holder

Keep all of your garden tools off of the ground and in one place with this DIY tool holder.

PVC pipe projects garden tool holder

via: ashbeedesign

What other PVC pipe projects have you made? Share below!

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