15 Clever Uses For Binder Clips


It looks like I will need to go out and buy a bunch of binder clips after watching this video. These little binder clip life hacks are brilliant. I had never thought of using a binder clip for anything other than keeping together a big stack of papers. When a paper clip won’t do…use a binder clip. I was so ignorant of the myriad uses of binder clips. You can’t go wrong with any of the ideas he uses them for. Don’t worry that it is written in Japanese; all the techniques/uses are shown visually.

I was sold with the first hack, taming the bundle of cords running across my desk top. I’m certain you have the same problem keeping the power cords to your iPhone, iPad, computer, desk lamp, clock etc. from becoming a tangled ball. Even worse, extricating that single iPhone cord from the mess any time you go out of town for a night. Who wants to deal with that? (Yes, I know #firstworldproblems.) This video has your solution to this and many other of life’s problems.

Here’s the video…Enjoy!