15 Tips And Tricks For Surviving Winter


Sayonara winter. Auf Wiedersehen. Arrivederci. Hasta luego! That’s right, winter is almost over. Not quite but almost. I’m sad I didn’t find this video from Millennial Moms earlier in the season. But I’m going to hang onto these useful hacks for next year’s cold and snowy season. I am loving these hacks and you will too. Let me know if you have tried any of these and if they have worked or not.

Mindy has hacks here for your car, house, beauty routine, and everything in between. #3 is good advice for all seasons. I want soft lips! I think that #10 is my fav. I wonder if hack #6 works. I have dryer sheets! Thoughts? I am not a fan of how to waterproof non-waterproof boots/shoes.

Yes, your feet will stay warm but your beautiful footwear will get ruined! Lol. Want some more life hacks for winter? Here are some fun and quirky ones.

View all 15 hacks right here… Enjoy!