Jail Remodel

This Family Buys And Renovates An 1887 Jailhouse. Come See Inside!

Jail Remodel

You Live In What?, is a television show featured on HGTV that goes around the country finding the most amazing homes. It focuses around amazing men and women who transform run down buildings of all sorts into unique living spaces. So creative! None are more creative than this rustic jailhouse turned home in Benjamin, Texas.

Benjamin is a little town of 258 people and the home of Wyman and Sylinda Meinzer. It’s also home to a historic jailhouse. This jail was built in 1887 and used until 1938. The Meinzer family scooped in and bought it to keep this piece of history intact and also because the wanted to live there. Lol.

I love the history seen here and how it has been preserved while being made current and comfy. It literally is something out of another era. You even see where the prisoners tried to escape and the original steel doors. Love it! I think old buildings full of history are fascinating! Dornob has another fun one you need to see.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!