19 Amazingly Delicious Camping Food Tricks

There is something fun about camping, getting out of the city and spending time outdoors. Hanging around a camp fire, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping in a tent can all be fun when you are camping with those close to you. But what about the food? It is common knowledge that other than s’mores, camping food can be somewhat unappealing.

Luckily, there are ways around that. Thanks to camping hackers, there are a ton of camping food hacks you can do to get a better meal and even use food scraps to light candles and make other delicious food items. You can do this all without a fancy appliance or a high tech camping stove.

These camping food hacks will give you a better meal in the outdoors and make it easier to go camping altogether, because you don’t need to bring as many supplies as you would otherwise. Put the camping stove and the pot holders away, you will not need them! This list contains the top 19 outdoor hacks we could find. These camping food hacks are guaranteed to give you a better camping trip! Be prepared for the camping trip of your life.

1. Canned apple pie

If you love apple pie, you can make one while camping using a can. Then just scoop it out!

camping food hacks apple pie in a can

via: adventures-in-cooking


2. Dutch oven pizza

Don’t worry pizza lovers, you can still eat your favorite food even when you’re far from a pizza place.

camping food hacks dutch oven pizza

via: whatscookingamerica


3. Tacos in a bag

No need to bring tortillas, you can use bag of Frito’s. A quick and delicious recipe.

camping food hacks tacos in a bag

via: the-girl-who-ate-everything


4. Tin foil cheesy fries

Who knew that you could make these on a camping trip? Perfect to share (or not).

camping food hacks tin foil cheesy fries

via: tablespoon


5. Crescent roll hot dog

You can use a crescent roll as a hot dog bun. Wrap it up and then roast it over the fire.

camping food hacks crescent roll hot dog

via: frugalcouponliving


6. Biscuit dough pudding cup

This recipe calls for biscuit dough, pudding, whipped cream, and chocolate if you’re up for it.

camping food hacks biscuit dough pudding cup

via: dessertnowdinnerlater


7. Campfire cones

These are like a super easy and (almost) mess free version of s’mores. Made with ice cream cones.

camping food hacks campfire cones

via: kidsactivitiesblog


8. Trail mix apples

If you are wanting a healthy treat, carve out an apple and fill it with trail mix. Then roast it over the fire.

camping food hacks trail mix apple

via: familyspice.com


9. Banana boats

These banana treats are made with chocolate, marshmallows, and banana. This is a must try!

camping food hacks banana boat

via: thekitchn


10. Eggs and biscuits

In the mood for this breakfast classic? You can make it in a dutch oven.

camping food hacks eggs and biscuits

via: whatscookingamerica


11. Cinnamon roll-ups

These are absolutely delicious. Bakes right over the fire! It’s like your own personal Cinnabon.

camping food hacks cinnamon rollups

via: almostsupermom


12. Orange candle

An orange can be turned into a long lasting, and fantastic smelling candle. Great to have around when it gets dark.

camping food hacks orange candle

via: instagram


13. Or use oranges to bake muffins

I had no idea that you could cook a muffin inside orange peels, but it works! Place them in foil and put the foil in the fire.

camping food hacks orange muffins

via: youtube


14. And cinnamon rolls

Bake cinnamon rolls right inside orange peels. Make them just like you would the muffins.

camping food hacks cinnamon roll oranges

via: instagram


15. Easy coffee

You can’t bring a coffee maker into the woods. Luckily, you can make your own by tying coffee inside of a filter, and putting it inside of a cup of boiling water.

camping food hacks coffee

camping food hacks coffee 2

via: instagram


16. Zip-lock omelet

You can make an omelet out of a zip-lock bag and some eggs. Then put it in a pot of boiling water.

camping food hacks ziplock omlet

via: youtube


17. Open a can with a rock

Forget a can opener? Or want to do something impressive? You can open a can by rubbing it along a rock. It will pop right open.

camping food hacks can opener rock

via: youtube


18. Swedish torch method

This works great because you don’t need any extra supports for your pots and pans. You can cook right on the log.

camping food hacks swedish torch method

via: instructables 


19. Tic-Tac box spices

Use Tic Tac boxes to hold spices. Works great for cinnamon and sugar! You may need it for some of the other recipes.

camping food hacks spices tic tac

via: instagram

Do you have any other camping food hacks? What are ways you pack lighter for your camping trip?

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