19 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic home decor has never gone out of style. The thought of bringing the look of the beautiful outdoors indoors is not a new one. Recently, rustic decor became much more popular than ever. That is why this is the perfect time to try out some DIY rustic home decor of your own!

Most of the time, these decorations can be very expensive. If you go to any home store, these decorations can go for hundreds, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make the majority of these decorations yourself right at home. If you have some time to spare, you can turn these ideas into a reality. Skip the visit to the expensive home store and create these own rustic decorations for yourself at home. All of these decorations listed are do it yourself.

We have compiled the top 19 DIY rustic home decor ideas. Create these projects yourself or use them for inspiration. Either way, add some rustic flair to your home. Fall is right around the corner, so the perfect time is now.
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1. Hand painted mason jars

These painted jars will be a great addition to the kitchen. Very cheap and easy to do.

DIY rustic home decor hand painted mason jar

via: masonjarcraftslove


2. Tree trunk table

Bring the outdoors indoors with this beautiful side table made from a tree trunk.

DIY rustic home decor Tree Trunk Table

via: 17apart


3. Wood crate ottoman

Take an old wood crate and turn it into something useful: like this beautiful ottoman!

DIY rustic home decor Crate Ottoman

via: jenniferdecorates


4. Pallet bench

This DIY decor idea is guaranteed to add a nice rustic touch to your home.

DIY rustic home decor pallet bench

via: bec4-beyondthepicketfence


5. Wine crate coffee table

Wine crates can be easy to find and they make gorgeous tables like this!

DIY rustic home decor wine crate coffee table

via: diy-vintage-chic


6. Mason jar lanterns

These mason jar lanterns look like the outdoor antique oil lanterns, with a modern twist!

DIY rustic home decor mason jar lanterns

via: asouthernfairytale


7. Jewelry hangers

These rustic jewelry hangers are simple to make and do a great job at holding coats and purses.

DIY rustic home decor jewelry holder

via: visiblymoved


8. Pallet towel rack

This is the perfect edition to any bathroom. Looks super unique!

DIY rustic home decor Pallet towel rack

via: 1001pallets


9. Rustic mirror frame

This mirror frame is beautiful and rustic. This is a must have!

DIY rustic home decor rustic mirror frame

via: wthewoodgraincottage


10. Old box shelves

Stack old boxes like these to create a beautiful shelf for your home.

DIY rustic home decor stack boxes

via: ekstrax.com


11. Twig candle holders

These are so simple to make you have no reason not to try them!

DIY rustic home decor candle holder

via: wfreutcake


12. Wood headboard

This is the perfect thing to make any bedroom more rustic.

DIY rustic home decor wood headboard

via: homedit


13. Log shelves

These DIY rustic shelves can add a rustic look to any room in your house.

DIY rustic home decor log shelves

via: mypatchofbluesky


14. Rustic cabinet

How cool would it be to have this in your home? This DIY cabinet is sure to draw attention.

DIY rustic home decor cabinet

via: mountainmodernlife


15. DIY rustic bench

This bench is beautiful. You can add wood crates underneath to slide out!

DIY rustic home decor bench

via: overthebigmoon


16. Planked rustic wall

Turn any wall in your house into a rustic masterpiece by planking it!

DIY rustic home decor planked wall

via: studiograyhouse


17. Book decoration

Tie up vintage books with some old rope to make this amazing piece.

DIY rustic home decor books tied

via: wwoohome


18. Ladder towel rack

This towel rack adds a rustic look your bathroom.

DIY rustic home decor ladder towel rack

via: 12oaksblog


19. Mason jar wall decoration

Mason jars on a wood plank can create all sorts of rustic wall decorations.

DIY rustic home decor mason jar wall

via: thehambyhome
What have you done to DIY rustic home decor? Let us know in the comments below!

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