This 1940s Shack Gets Flipped Into A Cute Tiny Home

vintage home

I love retro. One of my favorites is the style of the early 1940’s. It was when the United States was dominating the world economically as we came out of the Great Depression and we were in between World Wars and trying to avoid the second one. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was showing to be working and everything seemed to be going great for America and it’s citizens. Optimism abounded. Some treasures from the 40’s, like this house, are still around for us to enjoy today and I’m so glad!

This old house, featured at Little Things, has stood the test of time. Built in the 1940’s it was structurally sound but the inside was in a state of disrepair. That was until designer Sarah Phipps got her hands on it. She saw the potential in the pitfall. Lol. I have to much trouble with that. She took out the nasty carpet and paperboard walls and turned it into the cutest little holiday home. Next time you’re in Oregon, check it out! The whole thing reminds me of Flip or Flop, that awesome show on HGTV with Tarek and Christina. Haven’t seen it? Check it out here. I think it’s on on Thursday nights.

Take a tour of this adorable house here…

Little Things: She Flipped A 1940s Shack Into This Cute Tiny House (photos)