21 DIY Hacks For Awesome Nails

Nail art seems like an art form that only a few have mastered. There is a reason so many people spend money getting their nails professionally done! It can be hard to do this type of thing yourself. Even those who have practiced time and time again can still make mistakes when it comes to doing their nails.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to DIYers online, we have discovered that there are some very simple ways to get professional nail art without the mess, or the cost! Forget going to get your nails done professionally, that is now a thing of the past!

This list has 21 easy do it yourself nail art hacks for you to try. Some of them are so simple you can do them even if you have never done them before. And these nail designs look just as good as a professional job!

So the next time you are thinking about having your nails done, try some of these nail art hacks instead! Doing that will save you money! And that is something we can all get behind.

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1. Paint your own nail decals on Ziploc bags, then place them on your nails and apply a clear coat.

nail art hacks paint your own decals

via: heywandererblog


2. Get a heart shaped hole punch, and use it for heart designs

Use the hole punch on a piece of paper, and use it as a stencil.

nail art hacks heart

via: sellzcutethings


3. Use an ordinary gel pen to come up with creative designs like these!

nail art hacks gel pen 1  nail art hacks gel pen 2

via: nailartcouture


4. Carve pencil erasers to make your own leopard stamp

nail art hacks erasers

via: flickr


5. Turn any nail polish into glitter nail polish

This way, you can control the color of the glitter and how much there is.

nail art hacks diy glitter nail polish

via: thecraftedsparrow


6. Draw letters or designs with a sharpie

nail art hacks sharpie 2 nail art hacks sharpie

via: lyndarthemerciless | thebeautydepartment


7. Use a plastic bag to replicate stone texture

There are many unique designs you can use this for!

nail art hacks plastic bag texture

via: thebeautydepartment


8. Mix your nail polish with different amounts of white to create shades

nail art hacks shades

via: creatinglaura


9. Want stripes like these? Try a fan brush!

nail art hacks stripe effect

via: beautylish


10. Bobby pins make great polka-dot tools

nail art hacks bobby pin polka-dots

via: joy-doodlebug


11. Nail tape is super cheap and it looks fantastic

nail art hacks nail tape

via: amazon


12. You can even store it in a tape dispenser!

nail art hacks tape dispenser

via: impoverishedbypolish


13. Apply rhinestones easily using a cheap waxy pencil.

nail art hacks rhinestones

via: allwomenstalk


14. Want a french manicure tip? Band aids will do the trick!

nail art hacks french manicure tip

via: bellashoot


15. They also work great for polka-dots.

nail art hacks polka-dots

via: instagram


16. Forget the sponge and try this easy ombre nails technique

nail art hacks ombre nails

via: sphotos


17. Make neon nail polish really pop with a white undercoat.

nail art hacks neon polish pop

via: michellephan


18. Print out your own decals on an inkjet printer.

nail art hacks decals

via: beingperfectishard


19. Have some lace? Paint over it for this super gorgeous design!

nail art hacks lace

via: pinterest


20. Use Elmer’s glue to craft the perfect manicure

Just apply a layer with a thin brush on your nails. It dries and peels off to reveal the perfect manicure!

nail art hacks elmers glue

via: handmakemyday


21. Want something cute for Halloween? Use different size dotting tools to make googly-eyes!

nail art hacks halloween manicure

via: blanketprint


Which is your favorite of these nail art hacks? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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