21 Tricks and Gadgets That Will Save You So Much Money

Saving money is something we can all get behind; we are always looking for money-saving tricks. Even though money technically grows on trees, it can still be difficult to come by. Even when we think we are doing a good job at saving, there is always something more we can do. After all, the more money we save, the more we can put to a good use!

There are so many things you can do to save money that you probably haven’t even thought of. We have all heard the basic ways, but sometimes saving money is hard and takes time.

But these money-saving tricks are different

We have made a list of 21 money-saving tricks and gadgets that you can use to save tons. Some of them will be great for those who want to have a luxurious lifestyle without dipping deep into their wallets. These tricks will work great for families who want to do more without sacrificing comfort.

If you see anything on the list that could save you or your family money, go for it! The best time to start saving is right now.

1. These reusable cloth towels will save you money by avoiding expensive paper towels.

money-saving tricks cloth towels

via: food52

2. Pre-washed salad is expensive. If you can’t live without your greens, buy a cheap salad spinner.

money-saving tricks salad spinner

via: amzn

3. Stop buying zip lock bags and buy reusable snack bags.

money-saving tricks snack bags

via: amzn

4. If you don’t like tap water, get a Brita filter.

And stop buying those expensive bottles of water!
money-saving tricks brita filter

via: amzn

5. Save on water by buying a shower timer. Watch your water bill shrink!

money-saving tricks shower timer

via: floridaecoproducts

6. Keep your produce fresh for longer with an ethylene gas apple.

money-saving tricks gas apple money-saving tricks 6

via: amzn


7. And if you cook with herbs, get a herb saver.

money-saving tricks herb saver

via: amzn


8. They also make awesome pepper savers.

These are great if you live alone. No one can eat a whole pepper at one meal!

money-saving tricks pepper saver

via: amzn


9. Are you clumsy? Get a good screen protector to protect your phone.

Spending $20 now is better than spending $200 later!

money-saving tricks screen protector

via: dhgate


10. Invest in a good coffee maker, so you can stop going to Starbucks.

money-saving tricks coffee maker

via: amzn


11. And carry it with you by getting a travel mug!

money-saving tricks mug

via: cafepress


12. If you are a true coffee addict, you can even go with a coffee bean subscription. Still cheaper than buying Starbucks!

money-saving tricks coffee bean club

via: amanda28192


13. But if you really want to save money, you should switch to tea.

money-saving tricks tea

via: pngall


14. Get a drying rack so you can hand wash your clothes.

This saves power so you don’t have to put them in the dryer. It also expands the life of your clothes.

money-saving tricks drying rack

via: amzn


15. Make expensive snacks last longer with a snack safe.

You just pop in your snacks, set the timer, and it cannot be opened until the time has been reached.

money-saving tricks snack safe

via: amzn


16. Get the Gasbuddy app to find the cheapest gas near you.

money-saving tricks gasbuddy

via: onegoodthingbyjillee


17. Buy a good lunchbox so you can bring your leftovers to school or work.

money-saving tricks lunch  money-saving tricks lunch-2

via: amzn


18. Fix your cables using mold-able rubber. This can also be used to extend the life of your cables!

This can also prevent them from getting damaged.

money-saving tricks fix cables

via: sugru


19. Stop wasting toothpaste and get a toothpaste dispenser.

This one is under $15!

money-saving tricks toothpaste dispenser

via: amazon


20. Get a re-usable egg tray, so you can buy cheaper eggs.

This is also great for farmers markets!

money-saving tricks egg-tray-1 money-saving tricks egg-tray-2

via: amzn


21. Buy your essentials like socks from Ali Express

Ali Express is like Amazon based in China. The shipping can take up to 3 weeks, though. These socks were under $1!

money-saving tricks ali-express

via: aliexpress

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