Lydia's House

Meet Lydia – She’s 22 And Mortgage Free Thanks To Her Tiny Home

Lydia's House

I’m a proud homeowner. I have a lovely red house with a white door. There are some baby oak trees out front that will someday be big and beautiful making this the perfect place to live. But if you get down to the brass tacks, I won’t be a homeowner for 15 more years (unless we refinance). Can you say mortgage? Yes, we own our home but we are still paying for it. Many of you are probably in the same boat. Know who isn’t in the boat with us? Lydia! Who? Let me tell you…

Lydia is only 22 and already mortgage free. She spent $30,000 and 8 months of DIYing building her perfect home. I wish I’d had it that together at her age! Mad props Lydia!

Feeling incredibly jealous? Stressed about your mortgage? Check out these tips from Dave Ramsey. My husband and I are on his plan for getting out of debt and I am so impressed! First the credit cards and then the house. Lol. Find his tips here.

Now for the fun tour of Lydia’s home and more of her story…

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