23 Incredible DIY Shelving Ideas

If you are looking to spice up your home or apartment, some awesome shelves are definitely the solution. By adding some DIY shelves to your walls, you are not only making the room more exciting, but you are taking advantage of the space. Most people hate it when their walls look blank and empty. But if you are to improve the look of your home and create more space for your items, then it is definitely something to try!

We have found 23 awesome shelves that will improve your space and even increase the value of your home. These are all DIY shelves, and some of them are so easy that they may only take a few minutes! Because these shelves are DIY, they are also a lot cheaper than those expensive shelves you will see in stores.

So check out these picture and see if there are any shelves that you want to try for yourself! If you do any of these designs, post a picture in the comments! We would love to see your creation.

1. Using Ikea Ekby brackets, you can create rustic DIY shelves like this one

DIY shelves rustic shelf

via: ashadeofteal


2. Repurpose some old books into a shelf

DIY shelves repurpose books into shelf

via: apieceofrainbow


3. Old wooden pallets make great bookshelves

There is plenty of room for creativity here!

DIY shelves pallet bookshelf

via: diypalletideas


4. Love the rustic look? Try this wooden branch shelf

DIY shelves branch shelf

via: homedepot


5. By using custom hardware, you can design your own rustic shelf

DIY shelves bookshelf hardware

via: 7thhouseontheleft


6. Using a few simple pieces of wood you can create a wine shelf like this one

There is chalkboard paint on the front, so you can write messages on there!

DIY shelves wine shelf

via: shanty-2-chic


7. Love the floating shelf look? This one is easy

DIY shelves floating shelf

via: mommysuite


8. Using some brackets, you can turn a skateboard into a shelf

Cheap skateboards go for about $30.

DIY shelves skateboard shelf

via: thecraftedsparrow


9. This stepladder was turned into an awesome shelf

DIY shelves stepladder shelf

via: funkyjunkinteriors


10. Picture frames make awesome and unique shelves

DIY shelves frame shelf

via: shanty-2-chic


11. And so do paint buckets

DIY shelves paint bucket

via: ohohblog


12. This bathroom shelf was made for under $10

It was made with some simple pine boards and some rope.

DIY shelves bathroom

via: shanty-2-chic


13. Want a look like this one? Try staining the wood

DIY shelves stained shelf

via: 11magnolialane


14. Try this simple idea with Hobby Lobby brackets

All you need are these brackets and a piece of wood. The brackets cost less than $20!

DIY shelves elegant brackets

via: thelavendertub


15. Take advantage of all the space you can with a corner shelf

DIY shelves corner shelf

via: ahomewest


16. Metal baskets can make a simple and functional shelf

DIY shelves metal basket shelf

via: rainonatinroof


17. Make a creative shelf with hexagons or other geometric shapes

DIY shelves hexagon shelf 1

DIY shelves hexagon shelf

via: ispydiy | makeanddocrew


18. This floating shelf completely covers the brackets

DIY shelves floating shelf 2

via: diypete


19. Have a pipe sticking out of your wall? Turn it into a shelf

DIY shelves repurposed pipe

via: dotandbo


20. Old kitchen drawers make great shelves

DIY shelves drawer shelf

via: theperfectshadeofgrey


21. Wooden crates can be made into magazine or book racks for your living room

DIY shelves book racks

via: iheartorganizing


22. If you are looking for wood to use for your own creations, try barnwood

DIY shelves barnwood shelf

via: keepingitcozy


23. And if you are looking to try something really creative, try this amazing door shelf

DIY shelves door shelf

via: craftaholicsanonymous


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