23 Travel Hacks To Help You Organize And Simplify

Traveling is something we either all do, or all want to do. Whether we are going on vacation, on a business trip, or visiting family, at some point in our lives we have somewhere distant to be.

For those of us who have traveled before, we know how stressful things can be. Toothpaste or shampoo not being allowed through security, not having enough space to pack all the clothes we need, and long security lines can all make a fun experience less enjoyable. It can make our destination seem further off and sometimes these stressful events just want to make us go home. But there is a solution to just about every common problem you can face when traveling.

Thanks to life-hackers, we now have several travel hacks that you can implement when traveling to make our lives easier. Everything from preventing items from getting lost or damaged to making sure your bag is the first off the plane, there is something here for everyone. Save this list of travel hacks for the next time you travel, it will come in handy!

1. Prevent losing your earrings by placing them in a button

If you don’t have a case to keep your earrings in, placing them on a button makes them less likely to be lost.

travel hacks earrings

Source: thetravelwriterslife


2. Conceal cash in lip balm

Keep your emergency cash safe by hollowing out a lip balm container and keeping your hard earned money in there.

travel hacks cash lip balm

Source: shamelesstraveler


3. Keep wine safe by putting them in your shoes

Wine is a very expensive item that can be hard to protect. By placing them in your shoes, you can keep your expensive bottle safe!

travel hacks wine shoes

Source: Youtube


4. Turn left in security lines

Studies have shown time and time again that you actually get through security faster if you go through the left line.

travel hacks tsa

Source: independent


5. Use a clip to protect your belongings from your razor

Put a clip over your razor to protect the blade and your clothes from getting slashed during travel. A nice little travel hack!

travel hacks razor

Source: dinosaursandrobots


6. Store chargers and headphones in a glasses case

Prevent your charger and headphones from getting lost or tangled during travel with this easy hack.

travel hacks sunglasses case

Source: apartmenttherapy


7. Put curling irons in pot holders

Keep your curling iron from burning your clothes without waiting for it to cool down by rolling it in a pot holder.

travel hacks pot holder

Source: dollarstorecrafts


8. Roll your clothes to save space

By rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you can save around 30% of space in your suitcase. Plenty of room for more clothes!

travel hacks roll clothes

Source: youtube


9. Exercise to avoid jet lag

The day before you fly out, do a lot of exercise. Studies have shown that this can prevent jet lag.

travel hacks exercise

Source: tumblr


10. Take advantage of the plane hook

Not too many people know this, but most planes have a hook in front of each seat. Take advantage of this and use it to hang your carry-on!

travel hacks plane hook

Source: lifebuzz


11. Use a straw to avoid necklace tangle

Prevent your precious necklaces from getting tangled by diluting them through a straw.

travel hacks necklace

Source: travelfashiongirl


12. Always have soap and a wash cloth together by making this case

This is called a soap pouch, basically it makes sure your soap and wash cloth stay together, because one without the other is nearly useless.

travel hacks soap

Source: whimsy-love


13. Refill travel sized toothpaste

By refilling toothpaste into a travel size package you can save money and time by avoiding going to the store.

travel hacks toothpaste refill

Source: diyncrafts


14. Or just put some in an eye dropper

If refilling toothpaste isn’t your thing, maybe try putting it in an eye dropper.

travel hacks eye dropper

Source: briangreen


15. Use a belt to keep collars stiff

Nobody likes a flat collar. By placing your belt in your dress shirt, you have a super easy way to make sure your dress shirts stay stiff.

travel hacks dress shirt

Source: shamelesstraveler


16. Use old medicine bottles to store things

Old medicine bottles make great storage and do not take up much room in your suitcase. It also can keep things from getting lost.

travel hacks medicine

Source: yesterdayontuesday


17. Put masking tape on bottles to prevent spills

A split bottle of shampoo in your luggage can make traveling much more of a hassle. Simply put masking tape over any bottle that might spill.

travel hacks masking tape

Source: youtube


18. Protect clothes from dirty shoes by using a shower cap.

My favorite travel tip. Place your shoes inside a shower cap before you pack them. This can help keep your clothes clean!

travel hacks shoes

Source: francescomugnai


19. Put a fragile sticker on your suitcase

Some experts say that if you put a fragile sticker on your luggage, it will most likely be put on top, which means that it will be the first one off the plane. Couldn’t hurt to try!

travel hacks fragile fragile

Source: photoshelter


20. Put makeup in a contact lens case

Touch up on the plane by keeping some makeup in a contact lens case. Easy to store in your carry on!

travel hacks makeup

Source: adventures-trips


21. Keep your clothes fresh with a dryer sheet

Place a dryer sheet in the bottom of your suitcase. A nice way to keep your clothes fresh!

travel hacks dryer sheet

Source: youtube


22. Use a clip to keep your headphones tangle free

Clip your headphones to prevent them from getting damaged or tangled during travel.

travel hacks headphone

Source: youtube


 23. Tie a bow on your suitcase

Tying a bow on your suitcase makes it much easier to find in the long pickup lines.

travel hacks bow

Source: wifewithbaggage

What travel hacks do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

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