25 Clever Halloween Nail Ideas

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clever halloween nail ideas

Here’s a fun roundup for you today featuring 25 very clever and fun Halloween nail ideas. My favorites are the Jason hockey mask and also the realistic bloody nails. So many creative ideas here! I can’t wait to try a couple out over the next couple weeks leading up to Halloween.

Here’s the link to BuzzFeed’s full article: BuzzFeed: 25 Clever Nail Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner which means we will all soon be able to enjoy the sights of zombies, witches, ghouls, and goblins. It is time in which we can each add our own little twist to some of our favorite characters and make our costumes as unique as we are. Many people are always looking for that “little extra something” that will really set their costume apart from others without seeming to be too over the top. Then there are those who do not wish to dress in a full costume but still wish to honor October 31st in some way.

Fortunately, there are a few ways in which an individual can personalize their costume or celebrate the occasion in a subtle yet noticeable way. One such way is with fingernails, nails are commonly overlooked as a canvas for decoration for Halloween yet they are sure to be noticed. There are a wide variety of ways to dress your nails up for Halloween.

Monster Nails

Monster nails are a very popular way to turn your nails into part of your costume. Some common favorites are:


Very simple design that can either include Frankenstein on the nails or just lines with stitch marks like he has all over his body. Try to stick with a Frankenstein color such as yellow or light green.

Jack Skellington

Tim Burton’s famous character from The Nightmare before Christmas. Very easy design and usually consists of Jack’s circular face with his eyes, nose, and mouth.


A great, unique, and interesting design that allows you to get very creative. Plaster zombie silhouettes on each nail or throw their faces on each one.


An oldie but a goodie. Just throw some bones on your nails as a whole or a few different bones on each one.


Nothing says Halloween quite like a mummy. Paint some bandages wrapped around your nails with a few eyes peeking through.

Cute Nails

Not in the mood to scare those around you? Don’t worry, these cute nail ideas are sure to please without sending the kids running away:

Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are cute and easy to do. Just paint your nail a solid background color with some while circles and a colored pupil.

Candy Wrappers

This is perhaps one of the most unique designs. Have fake nails added on to your existing nails but have them in the shape of popular candy wrappers such as Tootsie Rolls or something similar. Then paint on the face of the packaging and enjoy your unique look.


Another simple yet popular design. Orange nails and a black face make a great Jack-O-Lantern.

Candy Corn

Give everyone around you a treat as you tease them with some candy corn colored nails. Orange, yellow, white, and a steady hand are all you need to create this awesome design.

Miscellaneous Nails

Not quite scary, not quite cute, these nails are in between yet still stay in the spirit of Halloween:


Slime and other oozes have always been associated with Halloween. Black nails with green slime are sure to ooze their way into everyone’s eyesight.

Gothic Fingertips

This is a new take on a classical look. Paint your nails black as you normally would for a gothic design, but use black powder to turn the entire top half or your finger black.

Scary Nails

Trying to scare everyone around you away? Think about some of these scary nail designs:

Blood Splatter

Although this design can be considered somewhat scary, a blood splatter design is unique and eccentric making it great for Halloween. Paint your nails white and fling around some red paint to emulate blood splatter.


This one will take a little bit of work to pull off, but if done properly people will be asking you if your nails are alright. Use a little bit of prosthetic on your nails followed up by some red and pinkish coloring to give it that wounded flesh look.

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