25 Creative Bathroom Organization Ideas

bathroom organization tips storage ideas

I feel like the bathroom should be an oasis and not a place that collects clutter. However, even with the best of intentions – a bathroom can quickly go from calm to chaos. I’m a sucker for great organization. When my home is organized I feel more at peace.

The tips in this post should help bring order to your bathroom.

These are some really great ideas to help organize and add storage to your bathroom… Enjoy!

#1 Crown Molding Shelves

Crown Molding Shelves

#2 Racks underneath the Sink

Under Sink Storage

#3 Curling Iron Storage

Curling Iron Storage

#4 Pull Out Shelves

Pull Out Drawers

#5 Organize Medicine Cabinet

Organize Medicine Cabinet

#6 Hook Board

Hook Board

#7 Tiered Tray

Tiered Tray

#8 Bath Time Storage

Bath Time Storage

#9 Hanging Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar Storage

#10 Makeup Storage

Makeup Storage

#11 Hairdryer Storage

Hairdryer Storage

#12 Lazy Susan 

Lazy Susan

#13 Drawer Organization

Dorm Bathroom Storage

#14 Box Shelves

Box Shelves

#15 Salvaged Door Storage

Salvaged Door Storage

#16 Medicine Cabinet Organization

Medicine Cabinet

#17 Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Bathroom Cabinet

#18 Hair Band Storage

Hair Accessory Storage

#19 Small Bathroom Storage

Small Bathroom Storage

#20 Spice Rack Storage

Spice Rack Storage

#21 Mason Jar Organization

Mason Jar Organization

#22 Counter Storage

Creative Organization

#24 Bathroom Cabinet Organization on a Budget

Cardboard Box Organization

#25 Basket Organization

Basket Organization

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