25 Hacks to Organize a Tiny Home

In the past few years, many people have started to realize that a smaller, more comfortable home was the ideal living situation. The smaller the home, the cheaper it is. Many people started moving into smaller houses to save money and live a more simplistic life.

As you have probably seen around the internet, there are various articles and TV shows about tiny home living. All the pictures we see make it look organized and comfortable, but they never tell you how to do it. What good is living in a smaller house if everything is so cluttered?

That is where this list comes in of tiny home organization tips. There are many simple hacks you can do to make your home more spacious. These hacks are guaranteed to improve your living space. Instead of throwing out all of the things that make your home cluttered, why not try organizing them? There are many ways you can save space in your home that you might have never realized!

An organized home is a happy home, so get going on these tiny home organization hacks. You won’t be disappointed!

1. Room dividers

By using a room divider in place of a wall, the space will feel more open.

tiny home organization room dividers

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2. Open storage

Using open storage helps you stay more organized by showing how much items you have in your cabinets.

tiny home organization open storage

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3. Dresser TV stand

A dresser TV stand is a great way to organize that space that would have been wasted.

tiny home organization dresser tv stand

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4. Double closet space

Install an additional clothing rod in your closet to maximize the space.

tiny home organization double closet space

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5. Or empty your closet

Keep your clothes on a rack in your bedroom and use your closet space for something else.

tiny home organization get rid of your closet

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6. And put a crib in there!

This can save a lot of space if you have a newborn in the house.

tiny home organization crib in closet

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7. Privacy curtain

Install a privacy curtain to get some privacy from your open space.

tiny home organization privacy curtain

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8. Folding changing table

This is a great space saver and you save a lot of room by not having a regular changing table.

tiny home organization folding changing table

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9. Low sitting furniture

Make your house look more spacious with low sitting furniture.

tiny home organization low sitting furniture

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10. Paint a room white

A white room makes everything look brighter and more spacious.

tiny home organization paint a room white

via: white-living


11. 3/4ths tub

If you think you don’t have room for a tub but you want one, try a 3/4ths tub!

tiny home organization tub

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12. Bookshelf door

This will help you store more items and save space.

tiny home organization bookshelf door

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13. Retractable appliances

Put small appliances on retractable shelves like these to save space.

tiny home organization retractable appliances

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14. Unusable space storage

There are going to be some areas in your home that are unusable. Instead, turn them into storage.

tiny home organization turn unusable space into storage

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15. Under the cabinet drawer

Install a simple drawer underneath a cabinet to save space.

tiny home organization under the cabinet drawer

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16. Couch arm rack

Install a couch arm rack and forget the end table!

tiny home organization couch arm rack

via: etsy


17. Breakfast bar

A breakfast bar will save space and get rid of the need for a table.

tiny home organization breakfast bar

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18. Add colors that pop

Some bright colors that pop can make a room look more organized.

tiny home organization add colors that pop

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19. Entryway table

Chop an old end table in half to make this amazing entry way table.

tiny home organization entryway table

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20. Extra cabinet shelves

Add some extra shelves in your pantry to help make more room.

tiny home organization extra cabinet shelves

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21. Pan organizer

Stop stacking your pots and pans and use this instead.

tiny home organization pan organizer

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22. Laundry bag hook

Save floor space by having a laundry bag with a hook instead of a basket.

tiny home organization laundry bag hook

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23. Sliding walls

Sliding walls can seal off certain areas and, when open, let the room breathe.

tiny home organization sliding walls

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24. Under stair space

Take advantage of all of that space under your stairs and use them for storage.

tiny home organization stair storage

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25. Add more shelves

Shelves don’t need floor space, so take advantage of all the room on the wall!

tiny home organization add more shelves

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What have you done to make your small spaces feel larger? Let us know if you try any of these tiny home organization hacks the comments below!

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