27 DIY Starbucks Recipes That’ll Save You a Ton of Cash

Everybody loves going to Starbucks, even if you hate to admit it. If you have never been, you are missing out. Starbucks sells the best coffee and treats. Everything from their pumpkin spice lattes to their vanilla bean scones. No wonder Starbucks is so popular. There is something for everyone to love here!

Sadly, Starbucks can be expensive. And it can be easy to spend a lot of money there. You can save a lot of money by skipping out and just drinking coffee at home. But what about all of their delicious drinks? Going without your favorite mocha or tea is a lot tougher than it sounds.

Thanks to DIYers from around the internet, we now have the copycat recipes for these Starbucks classics! The best part is that you can make them at home. Most of these DIY Starbucks recipes are easy and even beginners can whip some of these up without any fancy equipment. Skip the line and save your hard earned money without going without these delicious treats! We have compiled our top 27 DIY Starbucks recipes below.

1. Crescent roll cheese danish

Using a pack of crescent rolls that you can buy at any grocery store, you can make a delicious Starbucks-style cheese danish.

DIY Starbucks Danish

recipe: shariblogs


2. DIY Starbucks morning buns

These morning buns are part cinnamon roll, part crescent roll, and have a delicious hint of citrus.

DIY Starbucks Morning Buns

recipe: browneyedbaker


3. Green tea Frappuccino

Instead of going to Starbucks to get one of these delicious treats, you can make them right at home.

DIY Starbucks green tea frappuccino

recipe: sweeptight


4. Caramel apple cider

The perfect autumn drink. The best cider you will ever have!

DIY Starbucks apple cider

recipe: fivehearthome


5. Mango-orange smoothie

A tasty way to cool down on a hot day. Adding protein powder also makes a nutritious and more filling snack.

DIY Starbucks mango smoothie

recipe: savorysweetlife


6. Starbucks chocolate chip cookies

Make the classic Starbucks chocolate chip cookies right in your kitchen.

DIY Starbucks cookies

recipe: adashofsanity


7. White chocolate peppermint mocha

The perfect holiday treat, but you can make it anytime you want!

DIY Starbucks peppermint mocha

recipe: brighteyedbaker


8. Gingerbread latte

Another great treat to make around the holidays. This recipe is made with molasses.

DIY Starbucks gingerbread latte

recipe: dishingupthedirt


9. Starbucks coffee cake

This one is one of my favorites. Absolutely delicious!

DIY Starbucks coffee cake

recipe: thebakerchick


10. Classic pink drink

Make this classic drink right at home. Surprisingly easy!

DIY Starbucks pink drink

recipe: nutmegnanny


11. Iced lemon loaf

This iced lemon pound cake is a Starbucks classic, but you can make it yourself!

DIY Starbucks lemon pound cake

recipe: lilluna


12. Cherry oat bars

You can make the filling with fresh cherries or substitute your favorite jam.

DIY Starbucks cherry oat

recipe: adashofsanity


13. Strawberry-vanilla bean Frappuccino

A classic Starbucks treat you can make yourself. No more going to Starbucks for this one!

DIY Starbucks strawberry frap

recipe: designeatrepeat


14. Cucumber-lime drink

The mint, cucumber, and lime make this the perfect refreshing treat.

DIY Starbucks lime drink

recipe: simplisticallyliving


15. White chocolate mocha

This iced coffee drink is the perfect way to satisfy your white chocolate cravings.

DIY Starbucks white chocolate mocha

recipe: thegrantlife


16. Tomato and Mozzarella Panini

A great lunch recipe. Skip the line and just head to your kitchen.

DIY Starbucks tomato panini

recipe: jamonkey


17. Starbucks ‘purple drink’

Similar to the Starbucks ‘pink drink,’ but this one is made with blackberries!

DIY Starbucks purple drink

recipe: theculinarycompass


18. Vanilla bean scones

The secret is using pudding mix. Absolutely delicious!

DIY Starbucks vanilla scone

recipe: iowagirleats


19. DIY Starbucks caramel macchiato

A great way to start your day, without heading to Starbucks for coffee.

DIY Starbucks caramel macciato

recipe: cooktoria


20. Asiago cheese bagel

Make this amazing bagel right at home. You can make a big batch and freeze the rest for later!

DIY Starbucks asiago cheese bagel

recipe: howsweeteats


21. Iced chai latte

Copy this Starbucks classic right in your kitchen.


recipe: biggirlssmallkitchen


22. Iced pumpkin scones

This one is for you pumpkin lovers. Who knew you could make these at home?

DIY Starbucks pumpkin scones

recipe: damndelicious


23. S’mores frappuccino

Taste just like the Starbucks version! Save some cash and make this one yourself.

DIY Starbucks smores

recipe: thedomesticrebel


24. Pumpkin spice latte

Too good not to try. You no longer need to leave your house to fill your pumpkin spice craving!

DIY Starbucks pumpkin spice

recipe: thekitchn


25. Bacon, egg and Gouda sandwich

Make this delicious sandwich yourself. Great for breakfast or lunch!

DIY Starbucks bacon egg

recipe: loveandzest


26. Passion tea lemonade

Copy this classic Starbucks recipe in your kitchen. Absolutely delicious!

DIY Starbucks passion tea

recipe: cincyshopper


27. Hibiscus refresher

This refreshing drink is made with real hibiscus flowers!

DIY Starbucks hibiscus

recipe: thetastybiteblog

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