28 Simple Ways To Eat Healthy For Less

We all know that we need to eat healthy. The benefits to eating healthy are well known and there is no argument against it. However, eating healthy can be very expensive. Have you seen the prices at Whole Foods? The reason we all sometimes choose junk food or even fast food is because it is cheap.

But what if I told you that you could be eating healthy and be saving money? You would probably wonder why you have not heard this information before. But it is true, eating healthy does not have to be expensive!

There are a ton of ways that you can eat healthy for less and keep to a budget, even with frozen meals so you don’t have to cook after a long day of work. You would be surprised at how you can save money on healthy food.

We have gathered the top 28 healthy eating hacks that anyone can do starting today! You don’t need to spend a lot to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. There is no excuse here. You can finally start eating the way you know you should!

1. Buy on sale meat and freeze it before it expires

Then, defrost it and cook to rejuvenate it!

eat healthy for less on sale meat

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2. Don’t buy in bulk unless you will eat it all

Many people make the mistake of buying in bulk but many times the food expires before they get a chance to eat it.

eat healthy for less bulk buy

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3. Stock up on frozen healthy meals

This way you don’t need to order takeout on busy nights.

eat healthy for less frozen healthy meals

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4. Skip on soda and drink coffee or tea

Coffee and tea are much cheaper than soda. You can drink it hot or cold and sweeten it up yourself.

eat healthy for less tea or coffee instead of soda

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5. Grow your own veggies

If you have the space and time, that is. A great cost saver because seeds are cheap. If you need gardening tips, check out our post: 17 Budget Friendly DIY Gardening Hacks.

eat healthy for less grow your own veggies

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6. Order groceries online

This helps you save time and it prevents you from making impulse buys.

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7. Download Ibotta

Ibotta is a free app that will help you save money on food by finding rebates.

eat healthy for less ibotta

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8. Find a wholesale produce distributor

Some wholesalers will sell to the public at the same price. See if you can find one!

eat healthy for less wholesale produce

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9. Roast frozen veggies

Boiling veggies takes out some of the nutritional value.

eat healthy for less roast frozen veggies

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10. Rice and beans

Rice and beans is a classic and affordable healthy meal. You can always mix in other veggies!

eat healthy for less rice and beans

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11. Buy fruit in season then freeze

Purchasing fruit out of season can either be expensive or not taste as fresh. Purchase fresh in season fruit and freeze for later!

eat healthy for less freeze in season fruit

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12. Don’t buy pre-cut veggies.

Pre-cut veggies are more expensive. Buy them uncut and cut them yourself!

eat healthy for less dont buy pre cut veggies

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13. Shop at farmers markets

Get fresh food for great prices. What could be better?

eat healthy for less farmers market

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14. Buy from bulk bins

Beans, whole grains, and spices are much cheaper per ounce when bought in bulk bins.

eat healthy for less bulk bins

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15. Buy a blue apple

This product is incredible. It keeps fruit and veggies fresh for 3x longer than usual, and a two pack is $10.

eat healthy for less blue apple

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16. Only buy organic when necessary

There are many foods that are not worth buying organic because pesticides are not used.

eat healthy for less organic list

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17. Invest in a slow cooker

A slow cooker is an easy way to make cheap and healthy meals to be ready for you when you get home.

eat healthy for less slow cooker

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18. Eat in season

Always plan meals according to what fresh produce is in season.

eat healthy for less in season

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19. Protect your berries

When you buy berries, wash them right away to prevent molding. Then dunk the berries in one cup vinegar and two cups of water. Then cold rinse and store. This keep them fresh longer.

eat healthy for less wash berries with vinegar

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20. Don’t fear store brands

Store brands are often just as good or better. They are also cheaper!

eat healthy for less store brand

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21. Compare fresh/frozen/canned food

See which one is cheaper at that time in the year. If fresh is cheaper, buy them and freeze them for later.

eat healthy for less compare fresh frozen or canned

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22. Plan meals before shopping

This will help prevent you from making unnecessary purchases.

eat healthy for less plan meals

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23. Use old produce

Find ways to use old produce, like making banana bread!

eat healthy for less old produce

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24. Stock up on eggs

Eggs are cheap and high in protein and are great for cooking your own recipes.

eat healthy for less eggs

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25. Try Asian markets

Asian markets often have cheap produce. You may even find some new produce to try.

eat healthy for less asian markets

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26. Save all leftovers

Let nothing get wasted. Use every last bit. That way, you don’t spend more on another meal.

eat healthy for less save all leftovers

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27. Roast an entire chicken

Then, eat it throughout the week for lunch!

eat healthy for less roast entire chicken

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28. Use frozen veggies in meals

Instead of spending a lot on fresh veggies for recipes, try frozen veggies. They taste just as good when cooked in dishes.

eat healthy for less frozen veggies in meals

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What ways to you eat healthy for less? Is it difficult to keep up on?

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