29 Affordable DIY Garden Decor Ideas

When someone looks at our home, the first thing they see is your garden and the outside of your house. This is what everyone sees when they drive by. Are you happy with the way your yard or garden looks? Does your garden decor do your home justice? If not, you should keep reading.

Garden decorations will brighten up your home and increase the curb appeal. This is why garden decor can be so expensive. Thankfully, you can make your own on a budget. These budget do it yourself garden decorations are sure to make any garden smile. Why spend hundreds on special garden decor when you can make your own for one tenth the costs? These projects are so easy and add so much value to your yard, that it is almost a crime not to try at least one.

If you want to improve the look of your home, or if you love to garden and want to improve it, then this list is for you. See what you can do to your yard! You never know what you might discover.

1. Lady bug golf balls

Gold balls can easily be painted into wonderful garden decorations like these.

garden decor lady bug golf balls

via: artdrops


2. Painted pot bird bath

A stunning way to bring some friendly visitors to your garden!

garden decor painted pot bird bath

via: homestoriesatoz


3. Easy garden globes

These DIY garden globes will be a perfect edition to any garden.

garden decor easy garden globes

via: gardenlove


4. Dresser drawer porch planters

Have an old dresser laying around? Paint the drawers and make your own porch planter.

garden decor dresser drawer porch planters

via: myrepurposedlife


5. Cinder block planter

Painted cinder blocks make impressive and sturdy planters for your garden.

garden decor cinder block planters

via: akailochiclife


6. Watering can fountain

This unique fountain could be in your garden! It looks great and is budget friendly.

garden decor watering can fountain

via: dawnmarie


7. Sea glass stepping stone

These stepping stones are absolutely stunning. Imagine one of these in your garden!

garden decor sea glass stepping stone

via: lovelygreens


8. Pallet walkway

All you need for this one are some old wood pallets. Nothing else!

garden decor pallet walkway

via: funkjunkinteriors


9. Garden pinwheels

These DIY pinwheels can be made for less than $5 and a few minutes of your time.

garden decor garden pinwheels

via: housefulofhandmade


10. Octagonal deck

This one is for you advanced DIYers, but you can save a ton of money by making one of these yourself.

garden decor octagonal deck

via: instructables


11. Water wall

Water walls can be expensive, but you will be shocked at how cheap making your own can be.

garden decor water wall

via: theinteriorfrugalista


12. Garden spirals

You can raise up sections of your garden by simply making a garden spiral.

garden decor garden spirals

via: ohmycreative


13. Backyard pond

Ever want to have your own pond? Now you can make your own on a budget!

garden decor backyard pond

via: icreativeideas


14. Fence garden

You can make a beautiful garden along your fence with tin cans.

garden decor fence garden

via: cieradesign


15. Flower pot bird bath

You can turn an old large flower pot into a useful bird bath!

garden decor flower pot bird bath

via: mamitalks


16. $30 garden pond

If you have $30 to spare, you too can make this beautiful garden piece.

garden decor $30 garden pond

via: gardenlove


17. Towel planter

Who knew an old towel could be turned into a planter for your garden?

garden decor Towel Planter Garden

via: woohome


18. Fairy home planter

How adorable! This is the perfect planter to have on your porch.

garden decor fairy home planter

via: craftsunleashed


19. Candle planters

These amazing planters light up your garden at night and make it come alive!

garden decor candle planters

via: camillafabbri


20. Log planter

Re-purpose those old logs into great planters for your yard.

garden decor log planter

via: aproverbs31wife


21. Chandelier planter

This is the perfect flower planter to hang up on your porch.

garden decor chandelier planter

via: diyshowoff


22. Chair planter

Old rocking chairs can also make wonderful planters.

garden decor chair planter

via: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden


23. DIY stone fountain

Stone fountains add a lovely look to gardens. Save money on them by making your own!

garden decor stone fountain

via: thisoldhouse


24. Fire pit

Not exactly in the garden, but you can enjoy your garden by spending more time outdoors.

garden decor fire pit

via: hgtvgardens


25. Garden seating

No garden is complete without a lovely seating arrangement!

garden decor garden seating

via: lenasekine


26. Tire pond

Recycle an old tire and turn it into a lovely mini pond for your backyard.

garden decor tire pond

via: icreativeideas


27. Glass flowers

Create decorative glass flowers out of old dishes.

garden decor glass flowers

via: empressofdirt


28. Barrel planter

Old barrels make beautiful planters perfect for any garden.

garden decor barrel planter

via: designsponge


29. Bottle planter

Save the earth and make your garden look great by recycling old bottles and turning them into planters.

garden decor bottle planter

via: kellymoorebag

What garden decor is for you? Share any DIY ideas in the comments!

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