gross halloween recipes

Halloween Recipes – Creepy, Fun, Disgusting, Scary, Gross

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gross halloween recipes

Halloween is a great time of the year with so much to see and do. It’s also a time that kids love because they are actively encouraged to be disgusting and vile for a change. Try these great Halloween recipes out on your kids, your whole family is bound to love them too. This is one of the best lists of recipes I have ever seen for Halloween. I totally love the puking pumpkin idea pictured above.

There’s tons of other great ideas over at the Cute Foods For Kids blog. I had never seen this site until yesterday. So many fun (and gross) ideas LOL. I am sure my kids would absolutely love to help me make any one of these ideas. If I had to choose a favorite… I think it’s the Meatloaf Hand. Looks like it could have come straight from a horror movie set. These ideas are all so spooky!

Here’s the link to all 29 recipes… CuteFoodForKids: 29 Creepy Recipes


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