3 Ways To DIY Dough Ornaments

3 Fun DIY Dough Christmas Ornament Ideas

3 Ways To DIY Dough Ornaments

DIY and Christmas. Are there any two things that go better together? Well, maybe apple cider and sugar cookies but making homemade ornaments like these must be a close second. I used to make dough crafts when I was little and they are so easy and fun! They are the perfect holiday craft. (Especially for the little ones in your life.) Materials are dirt cheap and the dough is non-toxic kid-friendly.

I have found 3 different dough recipes and they all sound wonderful! You should try them this holiday season. I grew up making salt dough but I’m willing to try one of these others. I’ve heard of the cornstarch and baking soda recipe but have never tried it. I really like that it calls for cinnamon and different smelling spices. The cinnamon and applesauce recipe sounds really interesting. I’m curious to see which of these 3 works best.

If you’re looking for more ‘dough’ crafts, you need to see what First Palette has come up with! Find them here

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