3 Fun Halloween Snack Ideas


Are you a big fan of Halloween? Trick or treating, cute costumes, caramel apples, crisp fall air. It’s not my favorite holiday but I do enjoy it. Especially all of the yummy treats. I love food! This video from Jumble Joy has three DIY treats that are quite freaky to look at but delightful to eat! I hope I get the chance to make them this year.

The best thing about these snacks is that they can be eaten all year long. What kid wouldn’t want a scary apple creature after school? True, the pumpkins and spider snacks are more Halloween specific but that doesn’t mean these treats should only be made once a year. Lol. The apple animals are my favorite. Which is yours?

Here are some more fun/gross things you should think about making this year. Ewwww. Parenting has a whole roundup of foods that will make your kids jump for joy.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!