This 3-Seated Rocking Chair Is Perfect For Bedtime Stories


Some kids have all the luck. They have parents who can create the most amazing things. Parents like Hal Russell Taylor. Hal found a way to make bedtime stories more comfy and cozy for all three of his children. He build the most amazing rocking chair. It’s so sweet!

I am in love with this three-seated rocking chair, otherwise known as ‘The Storytime Rocking Chair.’ There are two tiny seats on each side and room for one little babe to sit on your lap. Precious! Hal’s rocker has gotten so much attention that he will even build you one! (But for a rather spendy price.) Check out his site here.

I am not a builder. Not a real one. A coffee table and headboard don’t bump be up to master status like Hal. I am a buyer. That’s why this roundup from Apartment Therapy has me tickled pink. It has a guide to the best rockers! Find them all here

Here’s the link to learn all about this DIY project…

LittleThings: This Dad Built A 3-Seated Rocking Chair For Bedtime Stories