30 Super Cute DIY Projects That’ll Make You Smile

Every house, apartment, or office can use a touch of cute. These projects listed below can turn a boring office into something exciting. They can also turn a plain apartment into something lovely. Do it yourself projects like these can really make a difference in your life. Our list contains 30 fun and cute DIY crafts sure to make you and your friends smile!

Look through these adorable do it yourself crafts and see what you find! Seeing some of these in your home or office every day is almost guaranteed to put you in a better mood! These cute projects can make any environment feel fun and welcome. These crafts are also a lot of fun to make!

A lot of these crafts are easy enough for you to do at home right now. You can do them with friends or family, and share this awesome experience. These crafts also make excellent gifts that are right for any occasion.

If you see something you like, give it a try! Which one of these cute DIY crafts is your favorite?

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1. Cupcake hat

Such a great project! Makes an adorable gift for friends and family.

cute DIY crafts cupcake hat

via: awwsam


2. Pineapple oven mitts

Spice up your kitchen with these super fun pineapple oven mitts!

cute DIY crafts pineapple oven mits

via: abeautifulmess


3. Animal cookie pillows

These DIY pillows are made to look like frosted animal crackers. Looks delicious!

cute DIY crafts animal cookie pillows

via: studiodiy


4. Felt raccoon friend

There are DIY kits available on Etsy that allow you to make your own custom furry friend!

cute DIY crafts felt raccoon friend

via: etsy


5. Pencil sneakers

Paint plain white sneakers to resemble a pencil. Such a cute project!

cute DIY crafts pencil sneakers

via: brit


6. Earphone holders

Keep all of your headphones from getting tangled with these veggie buddies.

earphone holders

via: etsy


7. Bunny bowls

Dried clay can make these super fun bowls for your table. Great candy dishes!

cute DIY crafts bunny bowls

via: aliceandlois


8. Giant rabbits

You can knit these giant rabbits yourself. No needles required.

cute DIY crafts giant rabbits

via: sweetpaulmag


9. Soda bottle planters

Turn old soda bottles into kitty planters! A fun way to recycle.

cute DIY crafts soda bottle planters

via: saltycanary


10. Deer pin holder

Keep all of your sewing needles in one place with this DIY project.

cute DIY crafts deer pin holder

via: etsy


11. Jellyfish crochet

These custom crochets are perfect for a nursery.

cute DIY crafts jellyfish crochet

via: 1dogwoof


12. Plush octopus

So adorable! Make one of these to put on your bed. Love the hat!

cute DIY crafts plush octopus

via: liagriffith


13. Animal gift wrap

Perfect for birthday presents. So cool that you almost don’t want to open it!

cute DIY crafts animal gift wrap

via: uncommongoods


14. Doughnut beads

These beads can make an excellent necklace or bracelet!

cute DIY crafts doughnut beads

via: briteandbubbly


15. Fried egg costume

Just in time for Halloween! But this costume is so cool that you can wear it anytime.

cute DIY crafts fried egg costume

via: mypoppet


16. Animal pencil holders

Brighten up your desk with one of these awesome pencil holders. A great gift for someone at the office.

cute DIY crafts pencil holders

via: makeandtell


17. Personal robot

This adorable robot is the perfect companion for your home.

cute DIY crafts personal robot

via: amazon


18. Penguin frames

Showcase your favorite photos with these DIY penguin frames.

cute DIY crafts penguin frames

via: etsy


19. Custom tote-bag

Design your own tote-bag to be an expression of you! Many ways to get creative here.

cute DIY crafts custom tote bag

via: amazon


20. Embroideries

You can get super creative here. Design something you love to wear around your neck!

cute DIY crafts embroideries

via: etsy


21. Felt snail

Create one of these cute felt snails for a friend or for yourself.

cute DIY crafts felt snail

via: etsy


22. Sloth doll

These sloth dolls are easy for people who are new to sewing.

cute DIY crafts sloth

via: etsy


23. Wall fox head

A great and cruelty free wall decoration for animal lovers!

cute DIY crafts fox head

via: etsy


24. Mandala garden chalk stencil

Use this wonderful chalk stencil in your driveway or on a chalkboard in your house. Would also make a great chalkboard wall decoration.

cute DIY crafts chalk

via: amazon


25. Pompom critters

So adorable! A cute addition to your home or office. You can put these anywhere!

cute DIY crafts pompom critters

via: amazon


26. Pencil piggy bank

Transform a mail tube into a giant pencil piggy bank! A fun way to get your kids to save money.

cute DIY crafts pencil piggy bank

via: damasklove


27. Paper roll animals

Recycle old paper rolls into shelf animals like these. Great for bookcases!

cute DIY crafts toilet paper rolls

via: pinterest


28. Painted paintbrush garland

This is a fun room idea for artists. Add your favorite colors to make it your own!

cute DIY crafts painted paintbrush garland

via: handmadecharlotte


29. Miniature waffles

This mini waffle iron will make miniature food! Cute idea for parties.

cute DIY crafts waffle maker

via: etsy


30. Spinning hot air balloon

A fun craft for a kids room or a play room. Would look fabulous by a window!

cute DIY crafts spinning how air balloon

via: pinterest

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