31 Brilliant DIY Couches and Sofas

Let’s be honest, the sofa is where we spend a lot of our time. Whether we are reading a book, watching TV, or socializing on the patio, we do seem to enjoy our time with the sofa. If you have ever been to a furniture store, you probably noticed how much money a nice couch can be. With all that time we spend on the couch, we are sure to stain it, tear it, and wear it out.

So, instead of buying a couch or sofa for your home, you can make one instead. This will save you and your family a lot of money and give you years of wonderful memories.

We have made a list of 31 amazing DIY couches. You can make them exactly as pictured or go off book and get creative. After all, it is your couch and it will be in your house!

See if you can find one of these DIY couches that you like! Directions for each are under the picture. If you see one you like, give it a chance in your home! You will not be disappointed.

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1. DIY storage lounge

Not only is this lounge cozy, but it also has a compartment for storage.

diy couches storage lounge

via: theownerbuildernetwork


2. Modular sofa

This sofa looks like something out of a magazine, but it can be made at home.

DIY couches modular sofa

via: lifebuzz


3. Vintage door couch

A vintage door can be turned into this elegant couch. Who knew?

DIY couches vintage door couch

via: diyandcraftsideas


4. Bench cushion

You can make your own bench cushion and turn any bench into a comfy sofa!

DIY couches bench cushion

via: thecsiproject


5. Patio sofa

This one is simple. Sometimes simple is better! Can be painted any color you choose.

DIY couches patio sofa

via: ana-white


6. DIY sectional sofa

How great would it be to have one of these in your home?

diy couches sectional sofa

via: 101palletideas


7. Pallet daybed

This daybed can be rolled out into the sunlight on a beautiful day.

DIY couches pallet daybed

via: shelterness


8. Toddler bed

A toddler bed like this one would be a beautiful addition to your house.

DIY couches toddler bed

via: shelterness


9. Copper pipe couch

Simple to assemble and very comfortable. I love that it can be disassembled and pulled out when guests are over.

DIY couches copper pipe couch

via: wewastetime


10. Patio love seat

For $45, you can make this for your patio. A cheap alternative to expensive love seats.

DIY couches patio love seat

via: fabulesslyfrugal


11. Easy sofa

Don’t have a lot of time? Plywood and cushions can be made into a sofa with plenty of room to get creative.

DIY couches easy sofa

via: homemade-modern


12. Converted crib

Did the little one outgrow the crib? It can be up-cycled into a couch.

DIY couches converted crib

via: remodelaholic


13. Sectional storage sofa

This beautiful sectional sofa has great storage options.

DIY couches sectional storage sofa

via: 101palletfurniture


14. Ikea style couch

Ikea may be cheap, but you can save even more by making your own.

DIY couches ikea style couch

via: treasuresandtravelsblog


15. Garden sofa

Enjoy some time sitting out by the garden.

DIY couches garden sofa

via: dailyhomedecorations


16. Lounge sofa

This sofa looks great and is sure to make great memories in the living room.

DIY couches lounge sofa

via: stylizimoblog


17. Pallet sectional

This sectional sofa can be broken up and wheeled around.

DIY couches pallet sectional

via: 101pallets


18. Planked love seat

Such a beautiful piece of furniture. I would have never guessed it was DIY!

DIY couches planked loveseat

via: rogueengineer


19. Old door sofa

Here is another custom door sofa. A great money saver!

DIY couches old door sofa

via: Design Sponge


20. Outdoor pallet sofa

This is great to have on the patio when you have guests over.

DIY couches outdoor pallet sofa

via: funkyjunkinteriors


21. Easy sectional couch

Sectional couches are great for living rooms. This one is easy to make!

DIY couches easy sectional couch

via: pajamamorning


22. DIY sofa bed

Sofa beds can be very expensive. Make your own for less!

DIY couches diy sofa bed

via: littlegreenbow


23. Easy outdoor sofa

Spend some much needed time outside with this beautiful piece.

DIY couches easy outdoor sofa

via: homemade-modern


24. Platform sofa

Platform sofas are awesome. Now you can make your own!

DIY couches platform sofa

via: designsponge


25. Storage sofa

Store more in your home by making a storage sofa.

DIY couches storage sofa

via: ana-white


26. Sofa bed alternative

Sofa beds too expensive? Why not try an alternative?

DIY couches Sofa bed alternative

via: scraphacker


27. Arm-less outdoor sofa

This sofa is perfect for the patio. You can leave it out without worrying about it getting ruined.

DIY couches armless outdoor sofa

via: 101pallets


28. Gorgeous outdoor couch

Imagine having this at your house! This one is sure to impress guests.

georgous outdoor sectional

via: ana-white


29. Simple pallet couch

Pallet couches are great because you can move them around.

DIY couches simple pallet couch

via: fishsmith3blog


30. Simple wood couch

This simple wood couch is great inspiration for your own couch idea!

DIY couches simple wood couch

via: palletsideas


31. Reupholstered couch

If you have a couch that you don’t fancy, a reupholstering job will do wonders.

DIY couches reupholstered couch

via: hhandtw


Have you ever built DIY couches like these? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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