33 Adorable DIYs Hiding In Your Recycling Bin

33 Adorable DIYs Hiding In Your Recycling Bin

33 Adorable DIYs Hiding In Your Recycling Bin

How about that recycle bin? You have to be totally adventurous to dig through the trash but it can be worth it. This roundup from Buzzfeed is terrific and these ideas are repurposing at its finest. I don’t think I’ll be throwing my old lightbulbs away anytime soon. And I know that I’m going to hang onto a juice carton or two to try out a coin purse. Talk about upcycling!

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Recycling is good for the environment, but did you know that you can actually use some of the recycling you throw away for your own craft projects. These fun DIY projects hiding in your recycling bin can help to keep your kids occupied and produce some pretty awesome objects for use in your home.

Can Pen Pots

There are lots of tin cans which we throw away all the time. These can be used to create some very useful pen pots. If you want you can even print some Campbells soup labels for a more interesting design. For this project you will need:

– Tin Cans
– Cork Squares

Make sure that the tin cans are empty and clean. Rinse them out to remove any residue from whatever was inside. Then measure the inside of the can by rolling up a piece of kitchen towel and cutting it to size. Cut this size out of a piece of cork tile. Then carefully roll it up and push it in the can. This will protect little fingers from any sharp edges.

Wine bottle Candlestick Holder

This is by far the easiest project that you will ever try. All you need is:

– Wine bottle
– Candles

Rinse out the wine bottles to remove any traces of wine. Use a match to slightly melt the bottom of a candle. When the wax is soft press it into the bottle.

Toilet Roll Bracelets

Toilet roll bracelets are a perfect way of making kid friendly jewellery. You will need:

– Empty toilet roll tubes
– Wool of different colors
– Needle
– Glue
– Scissors

Start by cutting a strip from the toilet roll which is roughly the right width for a bracelet. Then cut down the edge to open it up. Now you can start wrapping the wool around the toilet roll. Start by gluing a small section of the wool in place, then wrap round and round until the whole bracelet is covered.

Once you have done this you can use a different color of wool with a needle to sew a pattern into the wool bracelet. This can be a very effective way to make a pretty looking bracelet.