33 Must Have Items You Never Knew Existed

The internet is full of awesome products and toys that you know that you just have to have. These cool inventions just make your home more fun! Not only are they fun, but they can make your life easier as well and keep your guests entertained.

Some of these items you may have heard of, but the majority of them you would have never guessed existed! This is what makes them all so cool. When you show them to your friends, they will be amazed and want one for themselves.

We have found the top 33 awesome products from around the internet that are must haves for any household. You would have never guessed these items existed. But thanks to the internet, we found them! These items make life more fun and many of them also hold a very useful purpose. When looking at the prices of all of these items, most are under $20, so even some of the more frugal budgeters out there can find something they can afford! I say it is time to treat yourself to one of these spectacular inventions. Go ahead, why not order one today? You deserve it!

1. Honey comb key holder

This is such a cute way to hang your keys at home!

awesome products honey comb key holder

via: souramagazine


2. T-Rex cracker tray

Perfect to put out when you have guests coming over. This is hilarious!

awesome products t rex cracker trey

via: pinterest


3. Chemistry spice set

Perfect for those who love science and love to cook.

awesome products chemistry spice set

via: thinkgeek


4. Manatee tea infuser

Get it? Mana’tee’? This makes a great item to have around the house.

awesome products manatee tea

via: modcloth


5. Ice cream door stopper

This is a great thing to have at the office!

awesome products ice cream door stopper



6. Taco truck holder

Everyone loves tacos. It is great to have something like this at a dinner party.

awesome products taco truck holder

via: fancy


7. Candy molds

A great way to keep kids happy and busy!

awesome products candy molds

via: Akihiro Mizuuchi


8. Hedgehog q-tip holder

This is a great addition to any bathroom

awesome products hedgehog q tip holder

via: pinterest


9. Spoon holder

Do you put messy spoons on the counter or a plate while cooking? Avoid that with one of these.

awesome products spoon holder

via: trudeaucorp


10. Salt and pepper wand

Season your food by waving a wand over it. How awesome is this?

awesome products salt and pepper wand

via: arthur-xin


11. Egg mold

Shape your eggs into awesome things.

awesome products egg mold

via: amazon


12. Light saber night light

Keep the forces of darkness away from your room at night

awesome products light saber night light

via: groupon


13. Ghost sticky notes

Write over and highlight text without writing in the book.

awesome products ghost sticky notes

via: mochithings


14. Cutting board colander

This cutting board transitions into a colander to wash the dishes you just cut.

awesome products cutting board colandar

via: bellemaison


15. Baking mold

Bake a cake in any shape you want!

awesome products baking mold

via: pinterest


16. Snow globe shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are made to look like snow globes

awesome products snow globe shakers

via: amazon


17. Shadow lamp

These lamps cast a beautiful shadow along your wall.

awesome products shadow lamp

via: pinterest


18. Hand toaster

This portable hand toaster can make your breakfast anywhere.

awesome products hand toaster

via: pinterest


19. Pet feeding calendar

This will remind you to feed your scaly friends.

awesome products pet feeding calendar

via: dreamfarm


20. Lamp that pours light

This is too cool not to buy.

awesome products lamp pours light

via: existingvisual


21. Spoon scale

A kitchen scale built onto a spoon.

awesome products spoon scale

via: flashsteals


22. Cupcake pants

This is a hilarious baking tool that is a must have. Especially when you have guests!

awesome products cupcake pants

via: amazon.com


23. Battery shaker set

This is perfect for the kitchen. Now you have a fun way of showing when you need to refill.

awesome products battery shaker set

via: gotofurniture


24. Mustard gun

A must have for summer BBQ parties.

awesome products mustard gun

via: thinkgeek


25. Watering system

A cute watering system form indoor plants that miss the outdoors

awesome products watering system

via: aliexpress


26. Peeling wall light

That lamp looks like it is peeling from behind the wall!

awesome products peeling wall light

via: yoy-idea


27. Watermelon slicer

This is a fast way to slice up some melon!

awesome products watermelon slices

via: hitshop


28. Polaroid tp holder

The toilet paper roll holder that looks like a Polaroid camera.

awesome products polaroid tp

via: modcloth


29. Spaghetti fork

For all of the spaghetti lovers out there.

awesome products spaghetti fork

via: relogik


30. Chair/crib

Put down your little ones right next to you as you sit there.

awesome products chair crib

via: ontwerpduo


31. Explanation cast sleeve

For those who are tired of being asked how it happened.

awesome products explanation cast

via: biphenyl


32. Cookie molds

This makes some really cool creations.

awesome products cookie

via: thinkgeek


33. Goldfish bathtub plug

Looks like a fish is trying to escape!

awesome products goldfish bathtub plug

via: pinterest

What other kind of awesome products have you found browsing on the internet? Comment below!

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