33 Ways To Make Your House Awesome

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make your house awesome

This has to be just about one of the very best roundups I have ever seen! There’s 33 different ideas on how to make your house awesome. Now of course many of these are simply beyond the budgets of most people and are just fun to day dream about… but some ideas could be put in place pretty easily.

I think my favorite “practical” idea is the hanging net suspended on the second story of a loft type home. Way cool lounging space! See # 24 in the list for the details.

Have fun broawsing all these awesome ideas…

BoredPanda – 33 Amazing Home Decor/Design Ideas

Image Credit: acrylicaquariums.com and hernandezsilva.com.mx

Your home needs to show off your own quirky personality whilst also being practical. Check out these 6 ways to make your house awesome. Some of these are easy to do yourself, and a few you would need to hire professionals to help you out.

Amazing Things for your Home:

– Forest Lampshade
– Swim Outside
– Sand pit desk
– Slide for your Stairs
– Under stairs storage
– See through bath tub

Forest Lampshade

The forest lampshade is a great way to make your home look unique and amazing. This is a cleverly designed chandelier which is hung in the middle of your room. When the light is on, there are loads of shadows cast on the walls which resemble twisted trees in an ancient forest.

Swim Outside

An outdoor and indoor pool would be a lovely thing to have. But how about if you connect the two together. If being able to swim from the outside to the inside pool isn’t awesome then I don’t know what is.

Sand pit Desk

Why nobody else has thought of this sooner is beyond me. Build yourself a massive sandpit and fill it with sand. Although you won’t want the sand to be very deep. Then put your desk and chair into the sandpit. You can relax and stroke the sand with your bare feet while working.

Slide for your Stairs

As kids you have probably always dreamed about fitting a slide to your stairs. If you have a spiral staircase then this might be possible. The slide can be installed around the outside of the staircase and will be a very fun way to get downstairs in a hurry.

Under stairs Storage

If you have an empty space under your stairs then you could easily turn this into storage. One option would be to board it up and fit a large cupboard. However, an even better option would be to build large pull out drawers which can be wheeled out to hide all sorts of things inside.

See through bath tub

A see through bath tub looks amazing and will make your home completely unique. To build this you will need to install a piece of glass in your bathroom and then waterproof around the edges. As long as it is watertight you can use this as your tub.

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