These 34 Design Guides Are All You Need to Decorate Your Home

The hardest part about decorating a home is actually going through with it. With all the measuring, painting, and using every tool in the box, it can be exhaustive. And that is after the exhaustive process of choosing how you want to remodel your home.

There are 34 design guide diagrams here that you MUST SEE if you want to decorate your new or existing home. Here, we have every possible diagram you will need once you move forward with the home of your dreams. These graphs and diagrams will take a lot of the guess work out of the process and help you figure out things yourself. These have already helped many other people with their remodels, now it is time for them to help you!

They will also help you determine materials to use, paint colors, couch styles, and what type of lighting to use. No matter where you are or what you want your home to look like, you can benefit from these super helpful design guide diagrams.

Which diagram did you find the most helpful?
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1. House paint color guide

This nifty guide will help you choose a color for painting your house.

design guide diagrams house paint color

via: omahdesigns


2. Light switch style

Super helpful for figuring out what types of light switches are needed.

design guide diagrams light switch style

via: etsy


3. Screw types

Have you ever been missing a screw but were not sure what it was called? This guide will help.

design guide diagrams types of screws

via: boltdepot


4. Color psychology

Some colors mean different things than others. This fun guide will tell you which!

design guide diagrams color psychology

via: paintersoflouisville


5. Bedroom rug size

This guide will teach you what rug size you need for your bedroom.

design guide diagrams bedroom rug size

via: burlapandlaceblog


6. Staircase photo layout

If you want to hang photos along your stairs, this guide will show you how to position them.

design guide diagrams staircase photo layout

via: veredrosendesign


7. Photo size guide

Sometimes we are not sure which size photo to order. Here is something that helps!

design guide diagrams photo size guide

via: iowagirleats


8. Curtain hanging guide

Curtains can sometimes be tricky to position. I found this diagram super helpful!

design guide diagrams curtain hanging guide

via: homegoods


9. Indoor plant diagram

Placing some plants indoors can really spice up your home. This will help you pick some.

design guide diagrams indoor plant diagram

via: huffingtonpost


10. Common furniture sizes

This guide will help you understand the most common furniture sizes.

design guide diagrams common furniture data-lazy-sizes

via: decoratour


11. Headboard shape guide

Not sure what headboard style you want? This is going to make that easy!

design guide diagrams headboard shape guide

via: runninglawyer


12. Table capacities

This diagram will help you prepare seating for guests.

design guide diagrams table capacities

via: honeyandfitz


13. Antique legs

Antique legs can really spice up a piece of furniture. Here is something to help you choose!

design guide diagrams antique legs

via: chicagoappraisers


14. Various tile patterns

Skip the boring tile patterns and do something unique!

design guide diagrams various tile patterns

via: centura


15. Hardwood floor colors

Picking a floor color just got a lot easier. Take advantage of this!

design guide diagrams hardwood floor colors

via: athenshardwoodfloors


16. Door styles

There are much more door styles than I thought there were. Very helpful!

design guide diagrams door styles

via: northerm


17. Lampshade guide

This should help you pick out a new lampshade type, and it will teach you how to measure.

design guide diagrams lampshade guide

via: shadesoflight

18. Lampshade styles

Here’s another lampshade guide.

design guide diagrams lamp shade styles

via: sugarcubebasics

19. Paint finish diagram

Very helpful to look at when painting walls or furniture.

design guide diagrams paint finish diagram

via: kirstendanielle


20. Living room rug guide

This will teach you how to position a rug in your living room.

design guide diagrams living room rug guide

via: burlapandlaceblog


21. Wall gallery layouts

These will help you choose a better way to position your pictures.

design guide diagrams wall gallery layouts

via: interiorspl


22. Window covering guide

Sometimes something as simple as a window covering can really change up a room.

design guide diagrams window covering guide

via: hgexpo23. Stool upholstery guide

This guide will help you determine yardage to upholster stools.

design guide diagrams yardage 1

via: honeyandfitz


24. Sofa upholstery guide

If you are going to upholster a sofa, this guide will help determine yardage.

design guide diagrams yardage for sofa

via: honeyandfitz


25. Chair upholstery guide

Just like the previous guides, this will help determine yardage for chair upholstery.

design guide diagrams yardage for chair

via: honeyandfitz


26. Antique chair styles

These would be perfect for a dining room remodel!

design guide diagrams antique chair styles

via: chicagoappraisers


27. Home lighting guide

Lighting your home properly will save energy and be easier on the eyes.

design guide diagrams home lighting guide

via: homelighting101


28. Light bulb types

Ever have a light bulb go out and did not know what kind it was? This will be useful.

design guide diagrams light bulb types

via: lightopedia


29. Color undertones

Very helpful guide. Choose a nice undertone color for your home!

design guide diagrams color undertones

via: livelovediy


30. Fiber classification diagram

This diagram can help you decide on a material when choosing a fiber.

design guide diagrams fiber classification



31. Pillow style guide

Decorate your bed or the guest bedroom with this pillow style guide.

design guide diagrams pillow styles

via: matouk


32. Mantle decoration

Spice up your mantle with this useful guide.

design guide diagrams mantle decoration

via: cbc


33. Sofa shapes

This can help you pick a style of sofa for your living room.

design guide diagrams sofa shapes

via: chameleon-interiors


34. Gallery styles

Homes are boring without art! This guide will help you fill each room with art or pictures.

design guide diagrams gallery styles

via: visual


Which of these design guide diagrams did you find the most helpful? Please share in the comments below!

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