35 Party Ideas For Your Kiddos

35 Party Ideas For Your Kiddos

I love my birthday! It is such a blast and we go all out when celebrating. This year isn’t a big “mile marker” year, so we aren’t having a huge party (just a tiny one). No matter how old you are, big or small, you need to have some kind of party. I found this round-up from Chase The Stars that has 35 party Ideas for your kiddos. Ninja turtle, airplane, cheerleader, beach, superhero, and princess.. Which will you choose? My big, big, big party next year is going to be costume and themed and awesome! I am already doing my research and this is where I plan to start!

Have fun! Here is the link…

ChaseTheStar – 35+ Kids Party Ideas

Image Credit: chasethestar.net

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