38 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Now that Christmas is just a short time away, it is time to start decorating! And the most well-known decoration of all is the Christmas tree. Many people all across the world decorate their living spaces with either real or artificial trees. But for those with limited space, that may not be the best option.

Luckily for you, there is a fun alternative. The answer is a DIY Christmas tree! These are made by you and your family in your own home, and they are much cheaper and more creative than traditional trees. These DIY trees work great for people with limited space, families on a budget, and those without a lot of time to decorate. If you already have a main tree, you can also make one of these DIY trees for a second decorative tree.

So take a look at these 38 DIY Christmas tree ideas and see if you find something you want to try! If you are not making your own tree this year, you can still enjoy these awesome creations made by others.
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1. Wrapping paper makes a fun and festive tree

DIY Christmas tree wrapping paper

via: alittletipsy


2. And so do festive bows

DIY Christmas tree bow

via: fishki


3. The perfect DIY Christmas tree for book lovers

DIY Christmas tree book 1

via: mediatinker


4. Another great tree for book worms

DIY Christmas tree book 2

via: tumblr


5. Spice up your Christmas tree with this King Kong tree topper

DIY Christmas tree king kong

via: imgur


6. Beer bottles make a great tree for bachelor pads

Beery Christmas!

DIY Christmas tree beer bottle

via: imgur


7. Think I am going to make this Lego tree for my desk

DIY Christmas tree lego

via: pinterest


8. This origami tree takes some serious skill but it looks awesome

DIY Christmas tree origami tree

via: stephensorigami


9. A Minecraft inspired Christmas tree

DIY Christmas tree minecraft

via: imgur


10. Your guests will love this candy Christmas tree

DIY Christmas tree candy

via: lookiewhatidid


11. Guitarist can turn their instruments into awesome DIY trees

DIY Christmas tree guitar DIY Christmas tree guitar 2

via: alfa-img


12. And so can drummers

DIY Christmas tree drum

via: pinterest


13. Photographers can also make trees out of their equipment

DIY Christmas tree photography

via: pinterest


14. This crossover tree of a menorah and a Christmas tree is great for multi faith roommates and families

DIY Christmas tree compromise

via: reddit


15. A homemade Charlie Brown style tree. Made from an old branch

DIY Christmas tree branch

via: boredpanda


16. Christmas yard decorations like inflatable snowmen make great trees

DIY Christmas tree 16

via: pinterest


17. By hanging ornaments from your ceiling, you can make the floating ornament tree

DIY Christmas tree floating ornament

via: reddit


18. This beautiful tree was made with painted white branches

DIY Christmas tree painted-branch

via: imgur


19. A chemistry teacher’s Christmas tree

DIY Christmas tree chemistry teacher

via: reddit


20. If you got the skill, try out this beautiful oak wood Christmas tree

DIY Christmas tree oak-wood

via: helloyellowhouse


21. Save up those egg cartons because they can be turned into a DIY tree

DIY Christmas tree egg tree

via: uozzart


22. If you have cats, try out this 2-D cat-friendly tree

DIY Christmas tree cat-friendly

via: imgur


23. A hospital displayed this tree made out of latex gloves

DIY Christmas tree hospital

via: reddit


24. These trees are coming out of a portal from another dimension

DIY Christmas tree portal

via: imgur


25. If you have little space, try this cardboard cutout tree

Plenty of room to get creative with your own designs!

DIY Christmas tree cardboard

via: apartmenttherapy


26. Put this broccoli tree out when you have guests over

DIY Christmas tree broccoli

via: flickr


27. Micro trees made from doilies

DIY Christmas tree doilies

via: ouiouiouistudio


28. For a simple tree, decorate a step ladder with Christmas lights

DIY Christmas tree step-ladder

via: carlaaston


29. A Pacman and Ms. Pacman inspired tree

DIY Christmas tree pacman

via: imgur


30. The perfect tree for creative minimalists

DIY Christmas tree minimalist

via: imgur


31. Looking for something artistic? This tree was made out of old book pages

DIY Christmas tree 31

via: estilonordico


32. A tree made from IT equipment

DIY Christmas tree IT

via: geeksaresexy


33. Love cartoons? Try this cartoon inspired Christmas tree

DIY Christmas tree cartoon 1 DIY Christmas tree cartoon 2

via: imgur


34. A DIY tree for a mad scientist

DIY Christmas tree mad-science

via: imgur


35. A simple tree made from hanging branches

DIY Christmas tree hanging-branch

via: bettinaholst


36. This tree is a festive holiday hat rack

DIY Christmas tree hat rack

via: donggiaonews


37. Old vinyl records with Christmas music make a great DIY tree

DIY Christmas tree vinyl tree

via: bugaga


38. But if you don’t have the time or space for a tree, you can always go with the hilarious ‘lazy’ tree!

DIY Christmas tree lazy 1 DIY Christmas tree lazy 2

via: imgur

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