Painted Floors

Stunning 3D Floor Ideas

Painted Floors

Here is a trend that is just now making it to the land of the home and the brave. Take a look at the amazing floors in this post. Wow! It is a license for unlimited creativity for a unique room you can call your own. I guarantee none of your friends or neighbors have done this yet. That is, until they see your floor and want to get one for themselves.

I love these ideas. The coins seem like they would be pretty simple. It would be a really great idea for all you world travelers to put in the coins of the countries you have been to. As for all the amazing 3D paintings, I will leave that to the professionals. I don’t know what it would cost, but it can not be cheap. Not to mention the feeling of vertigo you and your guests may get from some of these. Whoever came up with the concepts for these floors… Brilliant! Here are some other ones. They are are so cool, I just can’t get enough! What do you think of the Batman one? Lol!

Here’s the link to all 21 examples…

LittleThings: 21 3D Floors That Will Mess With Your Mind