40 Easy To Make DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

40 Easy To Make DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

40 Easy To Make DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

I’m ready for another Halloween roundup, aren’t you? The autumn equinox is September 22. That is the official start of fall and the next important date after that is October 31st. There is plenty of time to pick out the perfect Halloween decorations but only if we get started now! Find the cutest decorations here!

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Making your own Halloween decor is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season! You can create your own crafty, spooky pieces to go around the house and the yard this fall. Here are some ways to create some spooky, festive fun.

5 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

1. Make Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Making glow in the dark pumpkins is a great and fun way to celebrate Halloween. The best part? It’s surprisingly simple to create these cool looking spheres. You can use either real pumpkins or artificial plastic ones to get started. Purchase some glow in the dark pain such as Tulip at your local crafts store and simply apply to your pumpkin in any shape, design, or words for a neon Halloween decor masterpiece.

2. Use Chicken Wire To Create Ghostly Figurines

Shape chicken wire using your hands, gloves, and a pair of pliers. You can shape this into a dress without a head or just the figure of a person, wandering alone in the mist. Spray with some illuminating white paint or glow in the dark paint once you’ve successfully shaped your figure. Hang from a tree branch with some string if you want to create a spooky effect. Whether a singular figure or multiple wandering souls, this craft is genuinely creepy and fun to pull off. Put indoors for overnight guests for extra effect.

3. Create A Bat Chandelier

Every home needs a bat chandelier. You will need black card stock, black craft paint, white colored pencil, paintbrush, scissors, embroidery hoops, black tape, and black quilting thread. Take the hoops and paint black. While they’re drying, cut out bats out of paper. You can print out stencils or just “wing” it. Use the white pencil to trace the design and then cut out. Attach the thread to the hoops to bring them together with three different lengths of thread, tying into a knot in the center at the top. Hang onto wherever you like and then tape a length of string to each bat. Tie each length to the hoop, working from the bottom hoop up. There you go! Bat mobile… or rather, bat chandelier.

4. Make Glowing, Ghostly Balloons

Take a white balloon and crack a glow stick, sliding it into the balloon. Blow up the balloon and tie closed. The glow stick will illuminate the balloon to create an eerie glow. Take a black sharpie and draw demented ghoul or ghost faces on the balloons. Tape to the walls inside your house or the front door with duct tape to create a really fun, spooky decoration.

5. Try Your Hand At Glittery Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a basic part of the holiday, and the best part about these glamorous decoration pieces is that they are so appropriate for Halloween but also can be used all the way to Thanksgiving. Whether one color of glitter or multiple colors, these pumpkins are a statement piece for sure. Use indoors as a table decoration, on the mantle, or just simply any counter top or surface. Simply buy pumpkins and the color of glitter you would like (black, gold, pink, etc.) and acquire a medium paintbrush and some white glue. Put some newspaper down and paint the pumpkin with the white glue. Then put the glitter in a bowl with a spoon. Use spoon to sprinkle and coat glitter all over pumpkin. Let dry and you’re done!

There are all fun and simple ideas you can make for Halloween. Whether you want to create just one or do them all, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to Halloween decor. Craft it up and get in the spooky spirit this holiday! Your guests and trick or treaters won’t be disappointed.

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