40 Money Saving Tips For The Makeup Crazy

How much money do you spend on makeup per month? If you are like most ‘makeup addicts’, you probably spend more than others. But there are so many looks to try and so many different shades you want to wear. You know that you need to save money, but you do not want to sacrifice your look. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are some things you should try!

So what can you do to save money on makeup? You can follow these simple 40 makeup buying hacks that are guaranteed to save you money. Best of all, you can get the best deals on the higher end makeup and learn how to extend the life of your favorite products. You can even imitate some expensive makeup right at home! For example, did you know you can use charcoal and coconut oil as eye liner?

So this list is something you need to check out. Start to save money on makeup! And maybe, spend that money on some more. Let’s see how much money you can save!

1. Shop at discount stores

Discount stores like TJ Maxx have high end makeup products for a lot less.

save money on makeup TJmax

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2. If you don’t like it, return it

Almost all makeup stores and drug stores alike will give you a refund for gently used makeup.

save money on makeup return policy

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3. Use charcoal as eyeliner

Charcoal makes a great chemical free eyeliner!

save money on makeup charcoal

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4. Cut makeup sponges in half

To get the most use out of makeup sponges and cotton rounds, cut them in half!

save money on makeup cut sponges in half

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5. Fix a broken lipstick with heat

Is your lipstick smashed? Using a hair dryer or a small flame, you can repair it.

save money on makeup fix lipstick

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6. Or, transfer lipstick to a pot

This is a great travel tip or you can create your own shades!

save money on makeup transfer lipstick

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7. Store makeup in the fridge

It may sound silly, but it prevents makeup from getting damaged by the changing temperatures in your home.

save money on makeup fridge makeup

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8. Shop on flash sale sites

Flash sites have deals changing every day, and can be a great and cheap way to get makeup!

save money on makeup flash sites

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9. Check YouTube tutorials for discount codes

Popular makeup tutorials will often have discount codes in the descriptions.

save money on makeup youtube deals

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10. DIY lip plumper

You can save a lot of money by making lip plumper with cinnamon oil.

save money on makeup lip plumper

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11. Use cotton balls to save compacts

Put cotton balls inside compacts to prevent them from breaking.

save money on makeup compacts

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12. Turn eye shadow to nail color

You can turn eye shadow into your own custom nail color to get a better look for less.

save money on makeup eye shadow to nail color

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13. Use hot water to save mascara

Get clumps out of dried mascara using hot water.

save money on makeup hot water mascara

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14. Make your own mineral makeup

Instead of buying expensive bare-minerals makeup, make your own!

save money on makeup mineral makeup

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15. Add a few drops of saline to mascara

Adding a few drops of saline to old mascara can make it as good as new.

save money on makeup saline mascara

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16. DIY makeup brush cleaner

Make your own makeup brush cleaner to save cash.

save money on makeup diy makeup brush cleaner

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17. Recycle old containers for free products

Some stores will give you free products for recycling old containers!

save money on makeup recycle old containers

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18. Get every last drop of liquid makeup

By using hot water and a small container, you can use every last drop of that expensive liquid makeup!

save money on makeup last of makeup

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19. Layer lipstick

Don’t like the lipstick you just bought? Layer it with another to make it look better and last longer.

save money on makeup layer lipstick

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20. DIY makeup remover

Makeup remover can be expensive, but you can make your own!

save money on makeup diy makeup remover

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21. Ask the store for sample size perfume

Before you buy a large amount of perfume, ask the store for a sample size! Many are happy to give it to you.

save money on makeup sample perfume

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22. Use paint brushes instead of makeup brushes

Paint brushes are just the same as makeup brushes but are a lot cheaper and more widely available.

save money on makeup paint brushes

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23. Get fuller lashes with baby powder

Using baby powder in between mascara can give you fuller lashes. Can also make cheaper mascara more effective!

save money on makeup baby powder

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24. Buy off season colors to save cash

Many makeup stores will up the price on in season colors, like warm colors in the summer. Buy them off season to save cash.

save money on makeup off season

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25. Fix broken eye shadow

Using rubbing alcohol, you can repair broken eye shadow!

save money on makeup fix eye shadow

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26. Extend the life of foundation

Buy a darker shade of foundation than you would normally use and add moisturizer to extend its life.

save money on makeup extend foundation

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27. Buy off brand replicates

Many websites will offer identical colors to brand name products for a lot cheaper.

save money on makeup knock off

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28. Do the math

Calculate the price per ounce of your makeup. Some products are cheaper per ounce than the larger versions.

save money on makeup math

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29. Cut open bottles

Cut open your makeup bottles when you think they are empty and scrape what you can off of the sides!

save money on makeup cut open bottles

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30. Spin mascara instead of pumping it

Pumping mascara makes it dry out faster by trapping air inside.

save money on makeup spin mascara

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31. Use baby shampoo as makeup remover

Baby shampoo is much cheaper per ounce than regular makeup remover and it works great!

save money on makeup baby shampoo

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32. Reuse mascara brushes from high end bottles

Save the brush from an expensive bottle of mascara and use it in a new cheaper bottle!

save money on makeup reuse mascara brushes

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33. Use a penny to extend the life of powders

By using a penny on the edge of containers, you can scrape all of the powder back in.

save money on makeup penny powder

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34. Look out for blog sales

Many popular blogs get sent tons of products to try out. They will often sell unused ones at a discount.

save money on makeup blog sales

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35. Make perfume last longer

When your favorite perfume is running low, pour the last few drops in unscented lotion to make it last longer.

save money on makeup lotion perfume

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36. Look below eye level

Makeup stores put the most expensive stuff at eye level. Look below to find cheaper prices.

save money on makeup eye level

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37. Reuse beauty tools

An old mascara brush is a great jewelry cleaner. Make sure to save beauty tools to get even more of your moneys worth.

save money on makeup reuse beauty tools

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38. Use a brush for liquid foundation

Using a sponge for liquid foundation makes it dry up quicker. Use a brush instead then blend with a sponge.

save money on makeup save on foundation

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39. Get sample sizes

Some online stores will give you free samples of newer products when you buy from them. Look for free samples!

save money on makeup sample sizes

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40. Check Retailmenot for coupons

Before you buy makeup online, see if you can find a coupon!

save money on makeup retail me not

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What ways to you like to save money on makeup? Have any more tips to share?

And get more makeup tips here on our beauty page.

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