43 Inspiring DIY Crafts to Sell on Etsy

Are your familiar with Etsy? People from all over the world list their special creations to sell to others. If you are looking for a fun hobby and part time job, making your own crafts to sell on Etsy is a great one, especially if you want to work from home. Many people have had a lot of success selling on Etsy, so why can’t you?

You don’t need to overthink what you should make; we have put together a list of ideas to get you started. These DIY crafts are sure to get people buzzing and make you some extra money! Etsy has become a successful selling platform for many crafters and artists alike.

Let’s see how far you can take this! This list contains 43 easy and cheap DIY crafts that will be a breeze to sell on Etsy. These items will even inspire you to make your own creations. Go ahead, create an Etsy account and start making crafts to sell today! It doesn’t hurt to try. Who knows, you could be the next big Etsy success!
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1. Easy coffee cup candles

This is a great DIY craft to sell on Etsy.

sell on Etsy diy coffee candle

via: sweetcayenne


2. Flower hair clip

Not as difficult as it looks. Give it a try!

sell on Etsy flower hair clip

via: creationsbykara


3. Animal coin purse

So cute! You can make your own.

sell on Etsy animal coin purse

via: sewdiy


4. Decorative burlap letters

These letters can be used for a ton of different occasions.

sell on Etsy decorative burlap letters

via: craftsbyamanda


5. Bold stamped leggings

These leggings are the perfect night time wear.

sell on Etsy bold stamped leggings

via: howdoesshe


6. Keyboard wrist rest

Everyone should get one of these.

sell on Etsy keyboard wrist rest

via: urbanthreads


7. DIY dresser mirror

You too can create this exquisite mirror with little cash.

sell on Etsy diy dresser mirror

via: createandbabble


8. Tile coasters

Everyone can benefit from one of these. They look fantastic!

sell on Etsy Tile coasters

via: thediydreamer


9. DIY twig pencil

A great craft to use for yourself or sell. You can also engrave it.

sell on Etsy diy twig pencil

via: madewithhappy


10. Map luggage tags

Great for all travelers! Adds a personal flair to your luggage.

sell on Etsy map luggage tags

via: hgtv


11. Tea towels

You have plenty of room to get creative here!

sell on Etsy tea towels

via: gardenmatter


12. Braided bookmarks

These are easy to make and a very popular item right now.

sell on Etsy braided bookmarks

via: littleworldsbigadventures


13. Boys wallet

These crafts are creative and useful.

sell on Etsy boys wallet

via: noodle-head


14. Cloth napkins

Great to sell for all different types of occasions. Plenty of room to get creative!

sell on Etsy cloth napkins

via: vivaveltoro


15. Basket weave cup cozy

Just in time for the fall! Such a beautiful craft.

sell on Etsy basketweave cup cozy

via: 1dogwoof


16. Purse charms

Customize your purse and give it a unique look with these charms.

sell on Etsy purse charms

via: redtedart


17. Cactus rocks

These painted cactus rocks look great in an office!

sell on Etsy cactus rocks

via: inheritingourplanet


18. Leather chain bracelet

These bracelets look great and will be a breeze to sell!

sell on Etsy Leather chain bracelet

via: momsandcrafters


19. Beeswax votive candles

The perfect gift for candle lovers.

sell on Etsy beeswax votive candles

via: somethingturquoise


20. Painted terracotta pot

Easy to make and it looks fantastic. You will have no problem selling these!

sell on Etsy painted terracotta pot

via: thebeautydojo


21. DIY etched wooden spoons

The perfect gift that will make any kitchen more fun!

sell on Etsy Diy etched wooden spoons

via: designmom


22. DIY book necklace

How cool are these? Book lovers will love them.

sell on Etsy diy book necklace

via: darice


23. Leather tassels

Tassels are a very hot item right now. You can make your own at home.

sell on Etsy leather tassels

via: persialou


24. Pet pillows

Everyone loves cute animals, so put them on a custom pillow!

sell on Etsy pet pillows

via: plaidonline


25. Fruit printed purse

These are adorable! Made with plain white change purses and nail polish.

sell on Etsy fruit purses

via: thelovelydrawer


26. DIY beach tote bag

Design a custom beach tote bag using your own designs.

sell on Etsy diy beach totebag

via: radianthomestudio


27. Painted porcelain dishes

This is an easy one. Just paint some plain porcelain with your own custom designs.

sell on Etsy painted porcelain dishes

via: deliacreates


28. Bead trivet

Use beads to make a beautiful custom trivet.

sell on Etsy bead trivet

via: carnetsparisiens


29. Washi tape feathers

Washi is a Japanese fabric that looks and feels amazing. Makes awesome feather projects.

sell on Etsy washi tape feathers

via: stampington


30. Mountain picture holders

These easy little mountain crafts make great photo holders.

sell on Etsy mountain picture holders

via: sugarandcloth


31. Felt needle case

Great for those who like to sew.

sell on Etsy felt needle case

via: sumoftheirstories


32. Beaded coasters

Every home can use one of these. They look fantastic!

sell on Etsy beaded coasters

via: brit.co


33. Wooden wall clock

Yes, you can make you own custom wall clocks! You can decorate them any way you choose.

sell on Etsy wooden wall clock

via: brit.co


34. Seashell necklace

If you live near the beach, you can do this one practically for free.

sell on Etsy seashell necklace

via: creativesavingsblog


35. On the go reading pillow

A pillow with a book holder. I might need one of these!

sell on Etsy on the go reading pillow

via: polkadotchair


36. Hair bow holder

A hair bow holder made from a tutu.

sell on Etsy hairbow holder

via: momdot

37. Sliding knot bracelets

Can be personalized with a variety of different charms.

sell on Etsy sliding knot bracelets

via: consumercrafts


38. Personalized bowl

These make perfect key holders and change bowls.

sell on Etsy personalized bowl

via: organized31


39. Custom scarves

Beautiful scarves made by stencils and custom dye.

sell on Etsy custom scarves

via: prettyhandygirl


40. Pocket tote

No sewing required! An easy way to make a pocket tote.

sell on Etsy pocket tote

via: creativegreenliving


41. Gold dipped magnets

Gold dipped magnets as beautiful as these will sell easily on Etsy!

sell on Etsy gold dipped magnets

via: gina-michele


42. DIY jewelry holder

This jewelry holder is made with burlap and vintage buttons.

sell on Etsy diy jewelry holder

via: skiptomylou


43. Quilled jewelry box

Quilled jewelry boxes are the perfect craft to make and sell on Etsy. Beautiful and unique!

sell on Etsy quilled jewelry box

via: vikalpah

What other things could you make to sell on Etsy? Are you going to try any of these?

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