44 Perfect DIY Easter Basket Ideas

For many families, Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Its a time where many families get together and celebrate with one another. Thankfully, this holiday tends to fall around spring break for kids who are in public school.

One fun thing people do on Easter is give out baskets. Easter baskets are some of the best gifts to receive! They always have fun things like chocolate or other sweets that make your day brighter. There are tons of fun basket ideas for kids and teenagers that will make their holiday memorable.

You’re also never too old to get an Easter basket, or to give one to an adult friend or significant other. There are great adult basket options which include wine and chocolate, tools, and beauty products.

No matter who surrounds you during this spring holiday, this list will have something special for them. With 44 different thing to choose from you’re sure to find an idea from this list! You can also use these as inspiration to come up with your own creations. Which of these products is your favorite?

1. Shopping Cart Basket

Via: Toddler Shopping Cart Easter Basket

2. Dollar Store Basket

Via: Dollar Tree Toddler Easter Basket 

3. Baby Easter Basket

Via: Baby Easter Basket 

4. Pool Easter Basket

Via: Easter Basket for Baby Girls 

5. DIY Candy Easter Basket

Via: Diy Candy Easter Basket

6. Rain Boot Basket

Via: Rain Boots Easter Basket 

7. Beach Themed Easter Basket

Via: Beach Towel & Pool Noodle Easter Basket 

8. String Easter Basket

Via: Egg Shaped Easter Basket From String

9. Skirt Easter Basket

Via: Ruffled Skirt Easter Basket 

10. Frozen Easter Basket

Via: Frozen String Easter Basket

11. Toddler Easter Basket

Via: Toddler Easter Basket

12. Dollar Store Baby Basket

Via: Dollar Tree Baby Easter Basket 

13. Mason Jar Easter Basket

Via: Mason Jar Easter Baskets 

14. Chalkboard Easter Basket

Via: Chalkboard Artistic Easter Basket 

15. Bunny Beach Towels

Via: Bunny Beach Towels 

16. Trolls Movie Basket

Via: Trolls Movie Easter Basket

17. Minnie Mouse Basket

Via: Minnie Mouse Easter Basket

18. Wagon Gift Basket

Via: Garden Easter Basket

19. Mickey and Minnie Baskets

Via: DIY Mickey & Minnie Easter Baskets

20. Chicken Easter Bucket

Via: Feathered Chick Easter Bucket

21. Umbrella Easter Basket

Via: Umbrella Easter Basket

22. DIY Easter Bucket

Via: DIY Easter Bucket

23. Toy Truck Easter Basket

Via: Truck Easter Basket for Boys 

24. Helmet Basket

Via: Football Helmet Easter Basket

25. Avengers Basket

Via: Diy Avengers Easter Basket

26. Kiddie Pool Easter Basket

Via: Giant Kiddie Pool Easter Basket

27. Beach Towel Basket

Via: Beach Towel Easter Basket

28. Baking Basket

Via: Baking Easter Basket

29. Makeup Easter Basket

Via: Makeup Bag Easter Basket

30. Teen Girl Totebag

Via: Tote Bag for Teen Girls 

31. Tween Girl Easter Basket

Via: Tween Easter Basket 

32. Easter Basket For Him

Via: DIY Easter Basket for Him

33. Teen Girl Easter Basket

Via: Teen Girl Easter Basket 

34. Man’s Easter Basket

Via: Easter Basket Idea for Men

35. Adult Easter Basket

Via: Planter Easter Basket

36. Classic Easter Basket With an Updated Twist

Via: Easter Basket Inspiration

37. Mens Easter Box

Via: Easter Basket for Men 

38. Toolbox Basket

Via: Easter Basket Idea for Guys 

39. Grown Up Basket

Via: Grown Up Easter Basket

40. Wine and Chocolate Basket

Via: Grown Up Easter Basket

41. Dollar Store Little Princess Basket

Via: Dollar Tree Easter Basket

42. Pink Themed Toddler Basket

Via: Toddler Easter Basket

43. Preteen Boy Easter Basket

Via: Tween Boy Basket

44. Sunflower Themed Basket

Via: Sunflower Box Basket


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